All tribulations are fertilizers for growth, and the law of hurdles brings us unexpected inspiration

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Not every tree will be broken in the storm; not every seed will find the parasitic soil;

not every target will be willing to be broken off. Life not only tells us the meaning of suffering, but also let us know:see rainbow after wind and rain, all adversity or tribulation encountered in this life is the fertilizer for your growth!

From a small individual to a large country, the road ahead will never be a smooth road. It will inevitably face various challenges, risks, resistances and contradictions. All of them need to grow up and rise from tribulations.

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01 The law of hurdles

Actually, a person’s achievement often depends on the degree of difficulty he encounters. The higher the bar in front of you, the higher you jump. When you encounter difficulties or setbacks, don’t be intimidated by the current predicament. As long as you face it bravely and accept the challenges of life calmly, you can overcome difficulties and setbacks and achieve higher achievements. This is the famous hurdles law.

The law of hurdles was discovered by a surgeon named Alfred. When Afred was dissecting the corpse, he discovered a strange phenomenon:those diseased organs are not as bad as people think. On the contrary, in the fight against disease, in order to resist the disease, they are often stronger than normal organs. This discovery was first discovered from the remains of a kidney patient. When he took out the diseased kidney from the body of the deceased, he found that the kidney was larger than normal, and the other kidney was also unusually large.

In the course of many years of medical anatomy, he has continuously discovered that similar conditions exist in almost all human organs including the heart and lungs. So he wrote an influential paper. He believes that the function of the diseased organs is constantly enhanced by fighting the virus. If there are two identical organs, when one of the organs dies, the other will try to bear all the responsibilities, so that the healthy organ becomes stronger.

There is an old saying:If this thing cannot ruin you, it will make you stronger. Suffering is not absolute, it is an abyss for the weak, but an upward ladder for the strong.

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02&34 ;Eastern Matisse&34; Wu Guanzhong’s growth experience brings us shocking enlightenment

Jiangsu Yixing, a famous contemporary painter, oil painter and art educator. Dedicated to the exploration of the nationalization of oil painting and the modernization of Chinese painting, it has formed a distinctive artistic feature.

In 1919, he was born in a peasant family in Yixing, Jiangsu. His life choices can be described as twists and turns:for the hope of his father, he became a teacher student; but because of the influence of the”industry saving the country” boom, he made his own choice and took the industrial school; in the industrial school, he met by chance Zhu Dequn, a student of Hangzhou Art College, realized that there is a school specializing in painting and painting, which evoked his love of art when he was a child. At the age of 16, he resolutely gave up his one-year degree in an industrial school and was admitted to Hangzhou Art College. , Determined to dedicate a lifetime to art.

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In this nation’s highest art institution at the time, he I studied Chinese painting under Pan Tianshou and Western painting under Wu Dayu. He was never satisfied with his hungry pursuit of art. So, after graduating and working as a teaching assistant in the Department of Architecture of Chongqing University for two years, he was admitted to study abroad at public expense and went to the National Academy of Fine Arts in Paris, the highest art school in France. In Paris, he first entered the classical art studio of Professor Deuba, and later transferred to the modern art studio of Professor Vrpi in the Soviet Union.

Although he can develop well if he stays in Paris, he always misses his homeland. At this moment, he saw a passage from Van Gogh’s letter to his brother Theo:&34;You may say that there are flowers in Paris, and you can also blossom and bear fruit. But you are wheat, and your position is in the wheat field of your hometown. Only by planting in the soil of your hometown can you take root and sprout. Stop wasting young lives on the sidewalks in Paris!”These words further strengthened his determination to return to China. In the summer of 1950, he, the last painter of old China to study in France, became the first painter of New China to return from the West to serve the motherland.

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What he didn’t expect was that although he was I was recommended to teach at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, but I couldn’t achieve my ambition. Because his artistic concept and creative concept are completely contrary to the domestic needs at the time, he didn’t want to work for politics, he didn’t want to paint those hypocritical workers, peasants and soldiers, he refused to paint propaganda posters and comic strips with political patterns. Cheng is an ugly chemical peasant soldier. He was squeezed out of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the country’s highest art school, and transferred to the Department of Architecture of Tsinghua University. Such a blow forced him to give up his original intention of shaking society with art, but to create another path, turning his creative subject matter to landscape painting.

It is a very difficult task to paint landscapes to sketch in the wild. Once he was sketching in a mountain village in Guizhou. A child watched him painting for a long time and it was too boring, so I count him There are actually 81 flies!

There was another time to paint the main peak of Jinggang Mountain. The main peak was very high. He went up with the painting box on his back. After finishing painting, he found that it was troublesome to go down the mountain. Because the oil painting was not dry yet, it was sticky. Holding it, can’t just hold it and touch it. In a hurry, he had to throw the drawing box and all the rolling things he brought with him and let them roll down, and he was like a child sliding on a slide, holding the drawing board in both hands, sliding down the mountain little by little. After finally going down the mountain, although the painting was intact, his trousers were worn out, and there were bruises and blood everywhere on his body and legs.

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He said that you can die for the sake of art. He did this. In that era, the train was still very slow, and it took three days from Guangzhou to Beijing. He painted the paintings on Hainan Island for two months to take back to Beijing, because the paintings are all painted on plywood, and each painting must be separated. If it is touched, the painting cannot be dried and will be damaged. At that time, the train was very crowded, and he only had one seat ticket, so he put his painting on the seat, and stood while holding the painting. Three days later, the painting arrived home safely, but his feet were swollen.

For a person who takes art as his life, these difficulties at work are inevitable, but the political hardship has caused him to suffer even greater pain in his soul.

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From 1967 to 1969, he was in the central craftsmanship The Academy of Fine Arts accepts criticism, learns about painting, labor, and inspection, and has almost no freedom to paint. Every morning can only be used to study Mao Xuan, the great time was wasted like this, and he was greatly distressed. In desperation, he thought of a way. He bought 4 French editions of Maoxuan. In this way, although he was reading Maoxuan every day, he was actually reviewing French, and his time was used in this way.

In 1970, the tribulation came again, and he was sent to rural Hebei. When his classmates in Paris were working in the fields of art, he could only shed tears in the Chinese farmland. The pain of separation from his beloved art tortured him day by day. It was not until two years later that he thought of a way to continue painting. He bought a lot of light blackboards that he used to write quotations from Chairman Mao, and painted oil paintings after applying glue on them. Without an easel, he uses the kind of back basket that carries vegetables and dung as a shelf. Every day, I secretly put the drawing board in a dung basket with his back on the ground, and then hide in the wheat field to paint, no one can see. Later, he was ridiculed as a”dung basket painter”.

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Going back to China with enthusiasm, he was originally looking for The wheat field where my own wheat grows, but after returning home, life has not gone well, and everyone is excluded. Later, someone asked him:”Do you regret it?” Do you think this is not the wheat field you want?”But he just smiled and said:”No, I never regret it. On the contrary, I feel that all the discomforts and hardships are all fertilizer. &34;

In this way, he has survived the turbulent years of wars, revolutions, foreign invasions, and hardships, and withstood the precarious wind and rain after returning to China, and finally broke out on his own artistic road. Become a senior in the painting circle who is well-respected by the public and has learned Chinese and Western. He is the representative painter of modern Chinese painting in the 20th century recognized by the international art circle, and Wu Guanzhong, who is called the”Matisse of the East” by the international art circle today.

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There are thousands of situations in life, if you have strict requirements everywhere , This world may be missing many masters. A wheat that can treat all its hardships as fertilizer, is there any reason not to grow stronger than others?

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03 All suffering is fertilizer for growth

The Russian writer Tolstoy said:&34;Human nature is like a river, some places are narrow, some places are wide; some places are turbulent, some places are gentle; Some places are clear and some places are cloudy. When disaster strikes, we will see sunlight and shadows. Human nature has nowhere to hide in the face of disaster. &34;

Zeng Guopan summed up the three realms of life. Young people can’t go through good times, middle-aged people can’t be idle, and old age can’t be adversity. Adversity is an inevitable process of growth. People who can accept adversity courageously will grow their lives.

Adversity is a process, not a result; it is a stage, not all. Only in the most difficult situations can a person discover and know oneself, so as to temper oneself, manifest oneself, finally complete oneself, and sublimate oneself. The turbulent waves hit the shore, showing the magnificence of the sea; the cliffs show the magnificent magnificence of the mountains.

Pushkin said that everything is temporary and fleeting. Therefore, when we are in adversity, we must learn to persevere and wait, and we must believe that adversity is only temporary. Tell yourself:this will also pass, everything will pass.

I remember Zhou Guoping’s”Prince in Distress”, this brief life fable, telling such a story:

A sentimental prince, whenever he tells him about natural and man-made disasters, He sighed with tears:”Gosh, it’s terrible!” This happened to me, I can’t stand it! &34;

However, bad luck fell on him. The father and the king were killed, the mother was humiliated and committed suicide, and he was captured by the enemy as a slave, suffering and crippled. When others listened to his story, they always uttered the same sigh:&34;Gosh, it’s terrible! I can’t stand this when it falls on me! &34;

After the experience, the prince’s attitude has changed a lot. He will tell the other party seriously:&34;Sir, please don’t say this. All disasters in the world, no matter who it falls on, everyone can bear, and they can bear it-as long as he does not die. As for death, it is even easier. &34;

This is a small fable, but it answers this truth for us:

There are so many people who seem to work desperately to change their destiny, but in the end there is no The root cause of avoiding mediocrity is not the lack of investment and action, but the lack of a medicine:real suffering and frustration.

Therefore, in adversity, to get up again as many times as you fall, this is courage; as many times as you frustrate, try hard again, this is ambition! Only giving up will not succeed, as long as you work hard, there must be miracles!

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No suffering, no growth. In this world, every hardship you experience contains an opportunity for growth. As small as firewood, rice, oil and salt, as large as birth, old age, sickness and death, no matter whether you work or live, whether you read books or fall in love, every bit is an opportunity for you to improve yourself. After crossing a hurdle, you will learn how to walk next, and after a fall, you will understand which way to go next time.

I failed the exam, but you passed this exam and you know which one is not good enough, or what is wrong with you.

You were trained by your boss at the regular meeting, but you know the meaning of hard work, not just for life, but also for dignity.

A relative has passed away, so you understand that the pace of children’s growth must catch up with the speed of their parents’ aging. Time is not for me, cherish the people in front of you.

I was eager to start a business, but I failed. So you realize that life is the most important thing in life.

As the saying goes, one eats and gains wisdom. You will be left with wisdom after suffering.

Coins have two sides, and life also has two sides, one is suffering and the other is growth. Overcome the hardships, and you will see your own growth.

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04 Teaching under core literacy should be strengthened&34;frustration education&34;

Nowadays, many students cannot withstand setbacks and have developed a bad habit of not being able to bear hardships and stand hard work. They are afraid of difficulties and hardships in life and study. Whenever they encounter setbacks, their self-esteem will be severely frustrated. On the whole, middle school students have relatively low ability to resist setbacks.

Therefore, they are more likely to suffer setbacks in life and study. For them, they are often overwhelmed when they encounter setbacks, and often suffer deeply. After they are frustrated, they often show as:violent behaviors, fugitive behaviors, undisciplined behaviors, stubborn behaviors, profligate behaviors, affection and indifference behaviors, and various bad thoughts and behaviors. Therefore, it is very necessary to educate students about frustration, let them know about frustration and understand frustration. When educating them about frustration, teachers should teach students to enhance the ability of frustration, which is particularly important in mental health education.

Sukhomlinsky, a great educational practitioner of the former Soviet Union, believes that children must be informed that there is a difficult word in life, which is irrelevant to labor, sweating, and calluses. Open, so that when they grow up, they will greatly shorten the period of social adaptation and improve their frustration tolerance. As the song”True Hero” sings:”How can you see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain? No one can succeed casually.” &34;

Therefore, in normal teaching, teachers should actively carry out frustration education for students, so that students can subtly receive frustration education in normal learning, so that they can understand the difficulties of life as soon as possible, and thus To lay the foundation and prepare for future study and work, and at the same time, its psychological endurance will gradually become stronger. To make full use of the characteristics of the curriculum to carry out frustration education, teachers should seize all the opportunities they can seize, guide students to understand themselves correctly and reasonably, and effectively improve their ability to resist frustration.

In addition, if parents teach their children from an early age to challenge a difficult situation as a kind of enjoyment, let the children understand that the size of the question determines the size of the answer. Just like the mussel turns sand into pearls, children will have strong resistance to frustration in society in the future and will not be easily defeated by the so-called external adversity.

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For good times and bad times, remember Tagore’s words”Life is an endless struggle against all kinds of difficulties, a struggle with outnumbered opponents. In this world, there are not many satisfactory things. Since we are alive, we can only accommodate where we are. In the actual environment, be patient with everything&34;.  

Since ancient times, heroes have suffered so much,   

Good things are hard to come by.  

Take the wind to break through the thousands of miles,   

Looking back, I have passed Wanzhong Mountain.

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