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Market Star News, Anhui Finance Net (www.ahcaijing.com) News October 25, 2020 NBL officially opened. The defending champion Anhui Wenyi Real Estate team opened the game against the host Wuhan Dangdai. In the unfavorable situation of falling behind by double digits in the first quarter, Anhui Wenyi did not mess around and played steadily. With Zhou Qixin and Yang Yuehe in the last 71 seconds Delehei played a 10-1 super attack wave by the three of them. Anhui Wenyi defeated Wuhan 122-118 and won the league for the sixth consecutive season.

In the whole game, 6 players from Anhui Wenyi scored in double figures, Delehei scored the team’s highest 23 points and 7 rebounds, Li Lin 21 points and 6 rebounds, Li Xiangbo contributed 19 points and 10 rebounds, Zhou Qixin 16 points, Yang Wenbo 15 points, Yang Yue also scored 15 points, of which 11 points were obtained in the fourth quarter.

In a sense, the first 11 minutes of the first quarter were completely out of Anhui Wenyi’s plan. At that time, the score was 31-41, Anhui Wenyi was 10 points behind Wuhan. And the next minute, it belongs to Anhui Wenyi’s performance time. First, Li Lin succeeded in hitting a three-pointer. In the first quarter of the game, the inside titan handed over a 12-point transcript and performed well on both offense and defense. Zhou Qixin missed a shot, Delehe grabbed the rebound and added two more points. With 9 seconds left before the game, the Wuhan team was in a mess. Li Xuesong quickly made a steal and layup, 7-0 spurt and chased the double-digit point difference to 38-41 at the end of the first quarter.

The confident generals of Anhui Wenyi were able to do well in the second quarter. Zhou Qixin used the quick counterattack during the offensive and defensive transition phase to score quickly. As you know, this is his best scoring weapon. Anhui Wenyi’s first time Go ahead and lead the Wuhan team 51-49 slightly. Time has changed, and the Wuhan team’s three-pointer can no longer find a sight in this quarter, and has also changed from the leader in the first quarter to a chaser. It was another last-minute offensive speed and defensive intensity. Yang Wenbo hit a three-pointer from the bottom line, Yang Yue made two free throws, Anhui Wenyi scored 5 points in a row, and at the end of the half, the score was 65-61, Anhui Wenyi was leading. Wuhan.

Li Xiangbo’s explosiveness in the inside line was reflected in the second half. His teammates missed a layup after two breakthroughs in the basket, and it was because he grabbed the offensive rebound and made a tip. On the Wuhan team’s side, the long-lost three-pointer feels slightly warmer and once regained the initiative, but Liu Renbin and Yang Wenbo responded with actual hook and three-pointers respectively. The two teams entering the strategic stalemate scored 87-90 at the end of the third quarter, with Anhui Wenyi slightly behind.

With 4 minutes and 06 seconds left in the game, the two teams once again scored 108-108 and returned to the same starting line, although Delehey grabbed the offensive rebound and made a tip-up and Li Xiangbo made a one-handed supplement. Buck, but then the Wuhan team hit a 9-0 shock wave, leading Anhui Wenyi by 5 points, while leaving the defending champion with only 71 seconds. Finally, the most exciting moment arrived, Zhou Qixin used the familiar fast pace to hit the three-pointer. Then Yang Yue succeeded in stealing, and at the same time it caused Wuhan team Sun Rongxiao’s physical foul. After two steady free throws, Yang Yue received a technical foul and was pulled back by the Wuhan team by 1 point, but suffered another foul on the layup and continued to free throws. Keep hitting. With 20.7 seconds left in the game, Delehei made a three-pointer with Li Xuesong’s pass. Anhui Wenyi led the Wuhan team by 4 points and the game was finalized.

After winning the Wuhan team, Anhui Wenyi has won the league start for 6 consecutive seasons since the 2015 season. But in this game, Anhui Wenyi still needs a serious summary, especially on the defensive end. The opponent scored more than 40 points in the first quarter. Obviously this is not Anhui Wenyi’s best state. At 13:30 next Tuesday, October 27th, Anhui Wenyi will face Hebei. Hu Tao, Market Star, Anhui Finance Network, Anhui reporter Jiang Rui