Behind, one less person, big-name sleepwalking, it is not easy for SIPG to get this point

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=fa3b8442eb2055b221bdf3618445317d - Behind, one less person, big-name sleepwalking, it is not easy for SIPG to get this pointShanghai SIPG and Jiangsu Suning’s second round of the second round of the Chinese Super League first leg match lasted to the 77th minute. SIPG not only trailed 0 to 1 in the score, but also because of the red card Maitijiang got. Had to fight with one less man. Just when everyone believed that SIPG would definitely lose the game, Pereira made a decision that surprised many people. It was to attack the two big-name foreign aids Huer on the line at the same time. K and Anautovic replaced. Seeing the decision of the Portuguese coach, Hulk’s face was full of surprise, but the facts quickly proved Pereira’s decision to be correct.

In the 81st minute, the Oscar midfielder gave a subtle diagonal pass and quickly inserted Wang Shenchao Immediately after the pass, Lu Wenjun, who was in place in the middle, shot sideways. Although his shot was completely missed, the flying ball happened to hit the face of the defending Suning player Zhang Cheng and flew into the net. 1 to 1, for SIPG, which has one less player and one goal behind, this result cannot be better.

It is undeniable that SIPG’s goal has a lot of luck, but without Pereira’s timely adjustments, SIPG would not even be qualified to try their luck. Before the substitution, SIPG’s luxurious attacking lineup was always sleepwalking, especially Hulk and Anautovic. They not only lacked the necessary off-the-ball running, but also took the ball many times. Afterwards, there were undesirable mistakes, inability to pass the ball, and the inability to pass the ball. This directly turned the team’s offense into a backwater. Throughout the first half, Pereira’s team didn’t even make a decent shot. On the other hand, Jiangsu Suning team is always full of vitality on the court, the center and frontcourt cooperation is quite smooth, in the 55th minute, Teixeira received a pass from Edel to help Suning break the deadlock. The defensive end was in distress repeatedly, but the offensive end was unable to do anything. This situation made the SIPG team more and more impatient. Such emotional accumulation caused the team to be hit again in the 69th minute. Maitijiang kicked directly in a flying shovel. The referee did not hesitate to show the red card for the ankle of the opposing player. Just imagine, without Pereira’s two key substitutions in the desperate situation, SIPG would very likely have a major defeat, and now, the team will at least be in the first half of the 180-minute semi-final.”There was a tie.

After the game, Pereira bluntly said that his two substitutions were necessary,”Why should I make such adjustments? Because I think the team needs to make such adjustments.” At the same time, he also Said that if the team wants to enter the final after the second round of the game, it must show a better mental outlook,”The current situation is that both sides have a chance to advance. If we want to advance in the game against Suning, then It is necessary to show the quality of will when one person is missing today.”