Blockchain technology giants:Blockchain will be an important part of the next generation of Internet

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=25388a1be5c3b2b5c45abc945931e393 - Blockchain technology giants:Blockchain will be an important part of the next generation of InternetChengdu Full Search News Network (Reporter Li Huiying) reported on October 29“Blockchain is an important part of our country’s entry into the next-generation Internet.” Today, Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Cai Liang, Executive Deputy Director of the Center and Dean of Zhejiang Institute of Blockchain Technology, was interviewed by reporters at the Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair-the first International Blockchain Industry Expo.

In Cai Liang’s view, the traditional Internet has solved the problem of effective access to information, but what the blockchain solves is an era of asset interconnection, trust interconnection and value interconnection. The development of blockchain is inseparable from the relationship between national security and people’s lives.”From the perspective of national security, the blockchain network itself is very critical to the establishment of a non-tamperable underlying network infrastructure. In addition, there are many new security issues introduced from the blockchain itself, because the blockchain itself can be anonymized. The characteristics of, hard to tamper with, and hard to delete will also make our traditional network content and ideological security face new challenges. From the perspective of people’s livelihood, blockchain can build a credible service infrastructure, allowing a lot of government data to be able to The cross-departmental collaborative processing will make it more convenient for our people’s daily life and the government to provide integrated government services.”

It has been more than 10 years since the birth of the blockchain. From the current development point of view Cai Liang believes that blockchain is still very young.”To solve the real large-scale commercial use of blockchain, we have to solve its high-performance issues, security and privacy protection issues, and high scalability issues in order to turn it into an important part of the country’s next-generation Internet.”

Currently, the number and quality of my country’s blockchain application projects continue to improve, and companies that provide upstream and downstream services of the blockchain industry chain, as well as related investment and financing institutions, and media services are basically complete. However, it cannot be ignored that the overall blockchain application is still in the exploratory stage, the development of various fields is uneven, and the application of various industries and scenarios has yet to mature.”We must fully understand the core value of blockchain technology, actively explore and expand the implementation of technology, give full play to the advantages of universities in production, education and research, and accelerate the application of blockchain technology in finance, government affairs, social governance, and industrial manufacturing. Analyze the business pain points that blockchain technology can solve and its applicability in different scenarios, jointly build a more complete industrial application ecology, and strive to make blockchain a new driving force for the development of the digital economy and an important supporting technology for the social credit system.”