Brazil’s President claims that he”does not buy Chinese vaccines” and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds

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Original title:Brazil’s President claims that he “does not buy Chinese vaccines.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds

Refer to the news website on October 23, according to the Spanish newspaper “Nation” website on October 22 According to reports, Brazilian President Bolsonaro said immediately after his Minister of Health Eduardo Pazulo announced on the 20th that he would purchase 46 million doses of the new crown vaccine from China Kexing Holding Biotechnology Co., Ltd.,”We will not buy Chinese vaccines.”

In response, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zhao Lijian responded at a regular press conference on October 22 that China’s independent research and development of the new crown vaccine is a world leader, and four vaccines have entered the third phase in many countries. During the clinical trial phase, all countries have spoken highly of China’s vaccine research and development. China has also joined the”New Coronary Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan”, and will earnestly fulfill its commitment to make the vaccine a global public product after it is successfully developed and put into use, and will contribute to the realization of the vaccine’s accessibility and affordability in developing countries.

Zhao Li insisted that since the outbreak, China and Pakistan have cooperated well in the fight against the epidemic. The Phase III clinical trial of the new crown vaccine jointly launched by relevant companies and institutions of the two countries in Brazil is progressing smoothly. We believe that relevant cooperation will contribute to the thorough defeat of the epidemic between China and Pakistan and the people of other countries.

Source:Reference News Network