Cases in the epicenter of the pandemic surge in the US

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[Qiao Bao News] Thinking of the moment when his state refused to issue a mask injunction, Preslie Paur couldn’t help crying. Paul lives in Utah South Salt Lake. She is currently unable to engage in special education due to an autoimmune disease work. Her husband is also a special education teacher, but because his school district does not allow him to work remotely to take care of Paul and their 5-year-old son who suffers from asthma, he chose to resign.

The Associated Press reported on the 25th,”I feel that I have been forgotten.” Paul said,”We live in a world where we no longer have a place. We live step by step, go to college, and find work. , Trying to give back to the society. But now, society is not giving us the rewards we deserve. I am scared.”

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A nurse from the Salt Lake County Health Bureau in Utah conducted a new coronavirus test for the public on the 23rd . (Image source:Associated Press)

As President Trump frequently held rallies in swing states and played down the epidemic in front of people without masks, the United States is continuing to move towards his opponent Biden and health experts warned that the situation is advancing-the”dark winter” of disease and death is approaching.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on Sunday (25th):” We will not control this epidemic.” When asked why, he said it was”because the new coronavirus is as infectious as the flu.”

In addition, the chief of staff of the Vice President Pence (Mike Pence) tested positive for the new coronavirus on the 24th. Even so, Pence will continue his campaign. The office said that Pence and his wife tested negative for the new coronavirus on the 25th.

In October, about half of the states in the U.S. experienced record-breaking new cases in a single day. The nationwide single-day infection rate almost broke records on the 23rd and 24th.

Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio and Oklahoma and other at least seven states, the new crown infection rate hit a record high on the 24th. At the same time, some states and counties in the northeast that were also hit hard by the epidemic this spring rebounded. New Jersey has 1,909 new infections on the 24th, the highest record since the beginning of May.

In addition, the western mountain area, especially Idaho and Utah, has also seen a sharp increase in new crown cases.

St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center. (St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center.) Vice President of Medical Affairs Joshua Kern (Joshua Kern) said that there are new data that show that in Idaho In Twin Falls, 1 in 24 residents is infected with the new crown virus.

“The epidemic has become out of control.” Cohen said,”The new cases in the past two or three weeks are equivalent to 1/3 of the total number of new crown cases in our community. Many places in Idaho Bear the same medical burden.”

The number of new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in New Mexico recently reached a record high. More than 350 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in the state signed a joint letter asking residents Stay at home if possible, wear masks, and limit large gatherings.

“Please help medical staff take better care of you.” A letter posted on the New Mexico Department of Health website reads,”Please help us protect you. Ensure that we have sufficient resources to treat patients and save Life extends a helping hand.”

On the 24th, New Mexico officially reported 875 new confirmed cases and 5 new deaths. The total number of COVID-19 cases in New Mexico subsequently reached 41,040, with 965 deaths. The number of hospitalizations due to the new crown increased from a record 229 on the 23rd to 264, higher than the peak of 223 in mid-May.

Paul’s brother and his girlfriend have also contracted the new coronary pneumonia recently. Paul is worried about them as well as himself.

“People need to know that our lives are at stake.” The Utah woman said,”We will run out of money soon.” (End)