CBA opening game, two teams lose troops and lose generals, Jiangsu coach Li Nan is unfavorable

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On October 17, the 20/21 CBA opening match, Jiangsu Kendia lost 94:102 Qingdao Double Star. Photo courtesy of Visual China

China Youth Daily client, Beijing, October 17 (China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Liang Xuan) On October 17, the CBA League 2020-2021 season kicked off and kicked off The game was played by Jiangsu Kendia against Qingdao Double Star. Chinese Men’s Basketball Former coach Li Nan as the head coach of the Jiangsu team ushered in the CBA coaching debut, but the team eventually lost to Qingdao 94:102 The team had no choice but to encounter the”open door”.

Last season, the Jiangsu team missed the playoffs, and the Qingdao team, which entered the playoffs with a dark horse, eventually defeated the Shandong team and ranked seventh. In this game, because the foreign players of the two teams did not join the team, both sides sent a lineup of all-local players.

Only 3 minutes into the game, the Jiangsu team’s top star Wu Guanxi suffered a foot injury in a defense and went to the sidelines to accept Emergency treatment, after which he did not return to the court. At the end of the first quarter, Jiangsu team led Qingdao team by 25:23, but Wu Guanxi’s absence directly caused Jiangsu’s internal crisis. From the second quarter, Qingdao team seized the opportunity. At halftime, Qingdao team had already overtaken and won 53:46 lead. In the third quarter, the two teams started offensive, but Qingdao Dunk King Zhao Tailong was knocked to the ground during a shot and was also injured. field. In the subsequent games, although Jiangsu team’s Zheng Qilong and Huang Rongqi and other players counterattacked, they still failed to change the situation of the team being suppressed by Qingdao team. , In the end, Qingdao team won 102:94.

Although the game suffered a loss, Li Nan also received a surprise in this game. The rookie Zheng Qilong performed amazingly. He made 10 of 16 shots and scored 20 points, 4 rebounds and 3 steals. The quality of potential professional players. As the son of Chinese basketball star Zheng Wu, Zheng Qilong did not perform well in CUBA before. Therefore, in this year’s draft, Li Nan Zheng Qilong, the son of a friend, was once controversial. However, Zheng Qilong’s performance in this game not only shows his own strength, but also broke the record of scoring for the first time of his career in the CBA Draft. The future is worth looking forward to.

The 2020~2021 season is the 26th season in CBA history. The new season league regular season has 56 rounds, which will be the season with the most regular season games in history. Due to the epidemic, the league teams have encountered many difficulties such as insufficient preparation time, lack of foreign aid running-in, and many player injuries. However, for the Jiangsu and Qingdao teams, who lost the two generals at the beginning of today’s game, the latter The schedule will be more challenging.

Source:China Youth Daily Client