Chairman of the Barcelona Management Committee:The first task is to hold a general election.

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=29a5272f058a23fe69f1ba98a3c49549 - Chairman of the Barcelona Management Committee:The first task is to hold a general election.Live Bar, October 30, according to Barcelona’s official website, the chairman of the club management committee Tusk and the member trustee Tlet Yee came out yesterday and explained to the public the work of the management committee.

The first task of the management committee is to hold the (club chairman) general election as soon as possible. We are currently working on this.” Tusquets said,”We will (General election) when the time comes. We hope that the next senior management can get as much support as possible, and we hope that as many voting participants as possible.”

Tusquets also explained the club’s current situation. economic status.”The economic situation of the club is the most troubled issue for us in the short term. This issue is not easy to solve. In the next few months when the management committee performs its work, we will do our best to rectify the situation Shun.”

Tlaitel sent a message to appease members and fans:”We are in a difficult time and caught up with the epidemic again, but the club will continue to The right way to keep running. The victory of the first team in Turin helped us gain a certain degree of stability.”

Tusquets and Treitel also explained, according to the club’s charter , The management committee will perform the supervision, administration and representative work of the club’s senior level, but only to maintain the basic and necessary work of the club’s operation, and to maintain the basic interests of the club. The main responsibility of the management committee is to convene a general election to elect a new club executive, and the general election must be held within three months so that the next senior executive can begin to perform his duties.

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