Coaching the Lakers won the championship in the first season, Vogel reduced the burden of”Zhan Mei”

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Vogel won the first championship of his coaching career.

The Beijing News (Reporter Xu Bangyin) When he succeeded Walton as the new Lakers coach in May 2019, Vogel would never have imagined that he could lead the Lakers to such a huge success this season. At the same time that he won the championship for the first time in his coaching career, Vogel rewritten the number of championships in the history of the Lakers to 17.

Vogel’s previous coaching career can only be regarded as quite satisfactory. Early in his coaching career, Vogel served as the Celtics and 76ers assistant coach; in the 2005-2006 season, Vogel served as the Lakers scout for a short time; from 2007 to 2011, Vogel was a The Pacers assistant coach, and then served as the team’s head coach from 2011 to 2016. During his tenure as the Pacers coach, Vogel led the team to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2013 and 2014 respectively, losing to the Heat led by the”Big Three” twice. From 2016 to 2018, Vogel also coached the Orlando Magic.

In the 2018-2019 season, the Lakers with James missed the playoffs. Coach Wharton dismissed get out of class. Considering the huge expectations of the outside world, the Lakers’ handsome position at the time was a hot potato, but when the Lakers general manager Palin Card threw an olive branch to Vogel, who decisively seized the opportunity, won the coaching position with a clear idea of ​​building the team, and invited NBA star Kidd as the chief assistant.

When Vogel first took over the Lakers pointer, the team’s lineup was still a mess, until the management sent Ingram, Ball and others to the Pelicans in exchange for another super Superstar”Thick Eyebrow” Anthony Davis, the outside world saw the Lakers’ hope of competing for the championship. In the past season, Vogel’s use of James and Anthony Davis is an industry benchmark.

Considering James’s growing age, Vogel appropriately reduced the playing time of his star star, and made Lao Zhan focus on organizing the offense in terms of tactics, so everyone saw James’ average playing time usher in A career low, but he became the league’s assist king for the first time. For Anthony Davis, the core of the penalty area, Vogel has been allowing McGee, Howard, Morris and other insiders to rotate for”Thick eyebrows” are also looking for the most suitable partner while reducing the burden.

A season of running-in finally blossomed in the playoffs. Facing the Trail Blazers, Rockets, Nuggets, Heat and other different teams, Vogel is giving full play to James and Anthony Davis At the same time of autonomy, combined with the advantages of opponents to adjust the lineup in time, successively adjusted Morris and Howard into the starting lineup and achieved miraculous results. The bold appointment of Caruso as the starting player in the final battle of the finals perfectly embodies Vogel’s non-constraint One grid of tactical ideas.

According to foreign media statistics, Vogel led the team to win the championship in the first season of coaching the Lakers. He is the sixth coach in the history of the Lakers to achieve this achievement. The previous five meritorious coaches include Pat Riley, Phil Jackson. Vogel may not be able to achieve the achievements of the top two coaches in the Lakers, but next season, Vogel’s coaching is still worth looking forward to.

New Beijing News reporter Xu Bangyin

Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofread Li Lijun

Source:Beijing News