Cristiano Ronaldo’s new coronavirus test turns negative and is expected to return in this game

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In the early morning of October 31, Beijing time, Serie A Juventus Club made an announcement on the official website to announce the team’s Portuguese star Ronaldo The new coronavirus test turned negative.

The Juventus club stated in the announcement that after 19 days of being diagnosed with new crown pneumonia, Ronaldo’s new crown virus test result finally turned negative,”this means that he has defeated the new crown virus and no longer needs to stay at home. Isolation.”

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A screenshot of the official website of the Juventus Club.

According to the schedule, Juventus will be in the 6th round of the Serie A on the evening of November 1, Beijing time. In the game away to challenge the Spezia team, Ronaldo is expected to make a comeback in this game.

On October 13, the Portuguese Football Association officially announced that Ronaldo, who was going to the national team to prepare for the game, tested positive for the new crown virus. After that, Ronaldo returned to Italy for isolation treatment. As the most popular star in today’s football, after Cristiano Ronaldo contracted the new crown pneumonia, many fans were very concerned about his condition. In fact, on October 29th, Cristiano Ronaldo was unable to provide UEFA with a negative test report for the new crown virus and missed the team’s The UEFA Champions League, thus missing the green field reunion with”old rival” Messi. According to the schedule, Juventus and Barcelona will meet again in the Champions League on December 9, Beijing time.

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