De Boer:It’s just a friendly match, and I’m not the only coach who lost in the first show

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=89e9e6e30d8e5048891c05ea841f2676 - De Boer:It's just a friendly match, and I'm not the only coach who lost in the first show

Tiger Fight, October 8th. In the international friendly match, the Netherlands lost 0-1 to Mexico. The newly appointed Dutch coach De Boer lost his debut. So far, his first appearances in Inter Milan, Crystal Palace, Atlanta United and the Netherlands have all lost.

After the game, De Boer accepted an interview:”Of course, I have a bad feeling because I want to win the game. But you know, our preparations are not all for this game. What we did, we aimed at the upcoming national league. I don’t think I’m the only coach who lost in the first show.”

” The result was really unpleasant, but it was just a friendly match. The excuse you can give is that the best players are not always played. We know that like Frankie De Jong Such a player is very important, but he is absent. But let’s not forget that Kupmenas played very well in midfield.”

About another starting full-back, Windal , De Boer said:”His start was a bit rough, which is understandable, but I think his reaction afterwards was very good. My national team debut in my time as a player was also very ordinary, and then I felt that the first time It’s always like this.”

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