“Double Eleven” enters the countdown, JD launches”Double Ten Billion Plan”

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Since this year, online consumption has increased rapidly. After the”6.18″ shopping festival, the performance of”Double Eleven” is highly anticipated.

A reporter from China Securities News learned from the launch conference of the”2020 JD 11.11 Global Love Season” on October 19 that this year’s JD Double Eleven event will officially start from October 21 until November 11. The 11th is 22 days. During the period, JD.com will bring more than 200 million 50%off products and more than 300 million new products to consumers. Through pre-sales, the number one Beijing post, the”Double Ten Billion Plan”, live broadcast, and interactive”10 big moves” The three main homes of low-priced goods,”simple and happy” and”buy with confidence”

Building a home ground for low-cost and good things

From October 21st to 31st, the”2020 JD 11.11 Global Love Season” will start the pre-sale period. Consumers can pay a deposit first and enjoy the additional benefits of a reduced deposit and a bonus for new products. From November 1st to 11th, JD.com will launch a cross-store, full-category”No. 1 Beijing Post” to make discounts easier.

JD.com said that the”Double Ten Billion Plan” consisting of super tens of billions of subsidies and super provinces of tens of billions of consumer vouchers will bring consumers a”province, plus, plus, province” shopping experience. Super tens of billions of subsidies will bring consumers all kinds of explosive products; during the period, JD International will launch more than 500,000 imported goods from more than 100 countries and regions. And a collection of local government consumer vouchers and various kinds of coupons will be officially launched on October 29th. The game of collecting cards for magic coupons and grabbing a value coupon package for 1 yuan will make it more interesting.

New products that lead the trend are the focus of JD.com’s long-term efforts. At the press conference, Han Rui, vice president of Jingdong Group and head of the platform business center of Jingdong Retail Group, announced that Jingdong Cube will launch a”new manufacturing plan” to build a new source of”manufacturing” with the brand, and work with consumers to create a new brand Consumer trends, in the”2020 JD 11.11 Global Love Season” launched more than 300 million new products.

While satisfying consumers’ demands for “low-price and good-quality goods”, JD.com will make shopping easier through multiple marketing measures. In addition to the number one Beijing post that is available across stores and all categories, the”Estimated Hand Price” setting on the product page will remind consumers of the discount information that can be used without complicated calculations. The discounted price is clear at a glance; November 9 As the first day of the climax of the”2020 JD 11.11 Global Love Season”,”Shop Full Reduction Day” will open a shopping spree with preferential measures.

Live delivery with goods has become the”standard configuration” of e-commerce platforms. This year’s Double Eleven, JD Live will continue to create quality live content to bring consumers a unique experience. During the period, more than 300 celebrities will enter the live broadcast room and more than 500 CEO creative live broadcasts will create a marketing field for brand merchants. On November 10, the”2020 Jingdong Live Super Night” will be unveiled. More than 30 blockbuster stars and top domestic production teams will join hands to create a multi-screen interactive experience for users to watch, buy and play.

Jingdong Logistics is actively preparing for the battle

The soldiers and horses have not moved, and the grain and grass are the first, and this year is no exception. In the”2020 JD 11.11 Global Love Season”, JD.com’s logistics supply chain integrated services are coordinated and linked to launch the”decathlon” operation measures to help the majority of merchants to stock up. It is estimated that the stocking volume will exceed 1.2 billion items.

Specifically, the above-mentioned “decathlon” includes 360° full custody, high-precision forecasting, warehouse entry ETC, one-piece delivery, limited-time zeroing, pre-sale products, and 11·11 command Warehouse, warehouse receipt pledge, green outflow warehouse and intelligent brain. Through the”decathlon”, JD Logistics will further leverage on its supply chain advantages and consolidate the integrated supply chain service of full links, multi-level network structure, and multiple business scenarios that integrates picking, receiving, transportation, warehousing, and distribution. , To ensure rapid warehousing, timely delivery, accurate distribution, and heart-warming delivery during the promotion period.

For example, in the 11·11 command room, JD Logistics is based on the large data screen created by Jinghui for merchants. Through 3D map modeling, it aggregates full link data in real time, locates abnormal problems in time, and realizes merchant-to-logistics services. The all-round, all-weather monitoring effect without dead ends ensures the real-time and reliable information coordination and decision-making at the production site.

For the smart brain, the number of SKUs managed by JD Logistics’ warehousing management reached more than 6 million, covering most categories, and the inventory turnover efficiency was higher than the industry average. The reason is the continued construction of JD Logistics in terms of intelligence. With its intelligent brain as its core, JD Logistics can easily cope with the stocking and delivery of 1.2 billion products through innovative methods such as intelligent production scheduling, big data picking, and large-piece AI reservations. At present, the intelligent brain has been applied in all warehouses.

A reporter from China Securities News learned that at present, JD.com’s large- and medium- and small-sized cargo network has achieved almost 100%coverage of inland administrative districts and counties.

This article is from China Securities Journal