Dreams never stop! BSU returns to CUBA

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After a period of farce, according to Half God, Half Carter, North Sports University will return to the CUBA family.

This kind of result, I believe everyone wants to see, vertical view, they do Not bad; and horizontally, they have also been proud of all sports academies in the country.

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Before, Beijing Sport University remained silent and did not respond despite the scattered news on the Internet.

China News Net reporter contacted Beijing Sport University When the Propaganda Department hoped to learn more about the details, the reply received was:”It is not convenient to respond temporarily.”

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Not long ago, the two ministries The publication of the”Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Sports and Education to Promote the Healthy Development of Adolescents” is actually a great promotion for China’s integration of sports and education.

As a participant must be a full-time school The college students’ CUBA provides space for many ordinary student players to show, and hopes to make good use of and protect this college basketball platform to make greater contributions to the promotion of integration and development.

Department of Sports, Health and Art Education, Ministry of Education Chang Wang Dengfeng said that the goal of the”Opinions” is to achieve two major values:

The first is to realize the value of school physical education in comprehensive education and promote the healthy growth of young people; the second is to cultivate the value of outstanding competitive athletes through the national education system.

Looking back with this goal, through education It can be said that the system trains outstanding competitive athletes to be elevated to an unprecedented height.

Most of us don’t want Seeing that children with dreams are strangled in the cradle, I hope that in the future, there will be very few”exit” practices.

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