Eight 25N engines successfully completed the third midway correction of Tianwen-1

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At 22:00 on October 28th, 8 25N attitude and orbit control engines developed by 801 of the Sixth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group were ignited at the same time and worked precisely, achieving the third time of China’s first Mars probe”Tianwen-1″ The midway correction of the orbit not only calibrated the actual performance of the 25N engine, but also provided power guarantee for the”Tianwen-1″ to run to Mars more accurately.

This midway correction adopts the simultaneous ignition mode of 8 25N engines in the surround propulsion sub-system, which has experienced 42.8 seconds of ignition. The detector reached the expected speed increment, the 25N engine of the propulsion system worked normally during the whole process, the system parameters were stable and normal, and the task of midway correction of the detector was successfully completed. The third midway orbit correction was implemented to make minor adjustments to the transfer orbit after the deep space maneuver. A fourth midway correction is required during the subsequent ground fire transfer process, and it is planned to be captured and braked into Mars orbit in February next year.

As of now, Tianwen-1 has been flying in orbit for 97 days, about 44 million kilometers away from the earth, with a flight mileage of about 250 million kilometers. The detector systems are in good condition, and the ground monitoring and control station tracking is normal. (Guan Ying, all-media reporter of Xi’an Press)