Facing the siege of the industry and being”disgusted” by Ali, how did the extremely rabbit express with Pinduoduo break the game?

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J&T Express, the express overlord from Southeast Asia seems to have encountered considerable resistance in the Chinese market.

According to 21st Century Reports, on October 19th, Rhyme was at home The intranet issued the”Notice on Prohibition of Agents of Jitu Business on the entire network”, openly declaring war on Jitu. In addition, many”Tongda” franchisees said in an interview in the 21st century that Shentong and Yuantong had also issued similar notices before.

In this notice, Yunda requires its affiliated companies (including contract areas) not to join Jitu Network in any way; neither collection nor delivery are allowed Acting for Jitu business for any reason and in any form. For extremely rabbit express shipments that have entered the transfer link, the distribution center shall deal with it as the problem piece, and the original order shall be returned. The extremely rabbit express mail that has flowed into the end shall also be handled as the problem piece, and the recipient shall be notified to pick it up.

At the same time, Yunda also made it clear that it will implement”exclusive management for extremely rabbit express”. If there is a branch company that violates the above regulations, it will be punished by 5000-2000 yuan once discovered If the act of acting Jitu is verified, it will be punished with a penalty of 1,000 yuan per ticket.

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Disgusted by Ali, Jitu turned around and held hands to fight a lot?

The reason for the targeted attack that Extreme Rabbit encountered this time seems to be easy to imagine. Although Gitu Express was born in Indonesia and slowly matured backed by the unique market environment of Southeast Asia, it also has inextricable connections with China.

According to Tianyan Check, the controlling shareholder of Shanghai Jitu Express Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yishang Industrial Co., Ltd., is actually controlled by Fan Suzhou, and he used to work in OPPO Indonesia. work in company. As for Jitu founder Li Jie, he is also the founder of OPPO Indonesia. It is said that it was precisely to help OPPO expand sales in Indonesia that Li Jie established the logistics company J&T, which later developed into Extreme Rabbit Express. If this rumor is credible, Extreme Rabbit can almost be regarded as a”by-product” of the OPPO series.

In addition, this rabbit and Pinduoduo are also inextricably linked.

Li Jie, the founder of Jitu, worked under BBK before 2008, as the general manager of the AV business department, and the founder of Pinduoduo, Huang Zheng, also came from BBK. Known as”One of Duan Yongping’s Four Masters”. In addition, Pinduoduo ranks first on the list of Jitu’s partners.

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Although both parties still No paper cooperation has been reached, but this unclear relationship is enough to make the”Tong Da system” and the Ali behind it vigilant. According to statistics from CITIC Securities, Ali’s shareholding ratios in Zhongtong, Yunda, YTO, Shentong and Best are 8.7%, 2.0%, 22.5%, 13.8%, and 33%respectively.

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“11”The holiday shopping craze has not receded, and”Double Eleven” has come again, and the war between Ali and Pinduoduo has become increasingly fierce. At this critical juncture, Ali might not want Pinduoduo to receive any assistance from the outside world. According to media reports, Jitu has been excluded by Ali since entering the Chinese market, and has not received any interface so far.

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If one billion is burned every day, can Jitu repeat its victory in China?

In September last year, Jitu Express backdoored the domestic local company Longbang Express and successfully landed in the Chinese market. Public information shows that Longbang Express has about 16,000 freight trucks and more than 30,000 employees, and its business outlets cover more than 2,000 provinces and cities across the country. Jitu inherited all of this and perfectly avoided express delivery licenses and initial The problem with outlets.

Previously, Jitu has been on the top spot in Indonesia’s express delivery industry in just two years by burning money to build its own channels. In the next few years, it expanded to Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries, becoming an unshakable force in the Southeast Asian express market.

Jitutu, who came to the Chinese market, tried to replicate its success in Indonesia with similar tactics.

First of all, it is Jitu’s low price strategy. From the perspective of the shipping price, the price of Jitu is obviously lower than that of Zhongtong, Yuantong, and Yunda. Taking the same city delivery of items within one kilogram as an example, Jitu is 8 yuan, and the rest of the express is generally more than 10 yuan. In terms of external parts of the province, Extreme Rabbit is 12 yuan, and most express delivery prices are above 12 yuan.

The relatively low delivery price has greatly increased Jitu’s daily order data. According to public data, two months after the establishment of the express network, the daily order volume of Jitu has exceeded 1 million. By the end of August, the daily order volume of Jitu reached 8 million, which is close to 1,000. Million mark.

Behind the rapid web-laying and huge increase in orders, Jitu is burning a lot of money. According to media quoted insiders of Jitu, in order to roll out the express network, some franchisees in the counties burned 300,000 yuan within a month. Some industry insiders said that Jitu would burn every day in July and August. One hundred million. When Jitu first entered the Chinese market, it only raised less than tens of billions of funds.

In the face of running out of ammunition and food, the founder Li Jie seems to be quite optimistic. He once said:“Jitutu must pay for one or two years first.” The implication is that Jitu will not give up the strategy of burning money in the future.

“Our goal is the ‘Top 3’ in the Chinese market.” Li Jie said in the letter to the Chinese agent.

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During the armistice period, the top players”accumulate food” to prepare for battle

Li Jie is quite confident in Jitu, but the war is on the verge of China I am afraid that the express market will not let Extreme Rabbit win so easily.

From the current Chinese express market share, several leading express companies have relatively even shares, with Zhongtong accounting for 21.5%, Yunda 16.61%, YTO accounted for 14.57%, SF accounted for 10.79%, Best accounted for 10.7%, and Shentong accounted for 10.38%. There was no one accounted for 30%. The above courier giants, which means that the industry has not yet decided the ultimate winner.

Although ZTO is currently in the leading position in the express delivery industry temporarily, before ZTO, this top spot has changed hands for many rounds.

Before 2015, Shentong Express was recognized as the number one market share in the industry. At the end of 2015, YTO Express’ market share surpassed Shentong and ranked first in the industry. However, YTO has not yet been in the top spot for a full year, and the rising star Zhongtong broke out halfway and took away the position belonging to YTO. After that, no one challenged Zhongtong again.

There is no challenge, it does not mean that the war has been drawn to an end, and there is still gunpowder in the”Tongda System”. On September 10, the industry reported that Zhongtong will be listed on the Hong Kong stock market for a second time. It plans to raise 9.8 billion Hong Kong dollars (approximately US$2 billion). Also in September, Shentong and Yuantong also received Ali 3.3 billion yuan. , 6.6 billion yuan in huge holdings, in addition, YTO’s application for the public offering of 4.5 billion yuan of shares has also been accepted by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Behind the crazy fundraising of the top players, the battle seems to be about to start, but this battle is not just a civil war of the”Tongda” system. SF Express, Debon Express, Best Group and other players have also quietly started their efforts in recent years. At the end of 2019, SF Holdings announced plans to issue 5.8 billion yuan of convertible bonds. Debon also plans to raise 614 million yuan in May this year.

During the”armistice” period of fundraising, the only rabbit who burned money wildly became an outlier in the industry. Through the brutal growth brought about by burning money, Jitu has indeed gained a firm foothold in the market, but for Jitu, which relies heavily on blood transfusion, whether it can obtain a new round of financing is the key to maintaining its expansion momentum. If the financing is not in place, the market share created by its brutal expansion can easily be divided by many opponents.

It’s not without reason to say so. With the glorious data growth brought about by Gitu’s burning money, users have increasingly complained about Gitutu. In the”1818 Golden Eye” program in September of this year, the inscription”Die” on the parcels of customers by extremely rabbit couriers attracted wide public attention. At the same time, some users complained on Zhihu Shangcao, calling it”turtle delivery”.

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and in black Searching for extremely rabbit express on cat complaints, we can find more than 700 complaints, most of which are”bad courier attitude” and”delivery without delay”. If we don’t pay attention to service quality and experience, how can Mini Rabbit, which is already small in size, compete with the”Tongda”, SF Express and Best that have been deeply involved in the Chinese market for many years?

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p style=”text-align:justify”>The war is on the verge, The soldiers are working hard to polish their armor and sharpen their swords for the decisive battle in the second half. It is still unknown whether the”rabbit” that is keen to burn money can survive in the hostile Chinese express market.