Foreign companies”see more” Anhui continues to expand investment

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  ”International cooperation, high-quality development”! On October 23, 2020 Anhui Development Zone High-quality Development Roundtable was held in Changfeng (Shuangfeng) Economic Development Zone. Liu Guang, deputy director of the Department of Commerce of Anhui Province, said in his speech at the roundtable that Anhui has an excellent open platform, a sound industrial system, and a superior business environment. It is supportive for international cooperation and high-quality development.

  The number of national development zones in Anhui ranks fourth in the country

   data It shows that Anhui has 117 development zones above the provincial level, of which 12 are state-level economic development zones, ranking fourth in the country and number one in the central and western regions. The development zone’s utilization of foreign capital and total import and export volume exceed 60%of the province’s total, becoming an important carrier for open development. According to Liu Guang, at present, Anhui Province has approved the construction of 10 international cooperation industrial parks including Hefei (China-Germany) Smart Industrial Park and China-Japan (Changfeng Shuangfeng) Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park to carry out technology, capital, economic and trade cooperation for Chinese and foreign companies. Provide an excellent platform for the transformation of technological achievements.

  From the perspective of the industrial system, Anhui is an important agricultural product production, energy, raw material, processing and manufacturing base in the country. Hefei is one of my country’s largest home appliance production bases, and the annual output of refrigerators, washing machines, color TVs, and air conditioners accounts for about a quarter of the country. The headquarters of the Volkswagen Group’s new energy vehicle R&D center and the China headquarters of NIO are located in Hefei. Anhui has hosted the World Manufacturing Conference for three consecutive years. Last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the 2019 World Manufacturing Conference. In September this year, Anhui Province successfully hosted the Jianghuai Online Economic Forum of the World Manufacturing Conference.

   Liu Guang, deputy director of the Department of Commerce of Anhui Province, especially emphasized that in August this year, shortly after General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Anhui, the China (Anhui) Pilot Free Trade Zone successfully won The approval was given to Anhui with the”biggest dividend”, which provided an important strategic fulcrum for strengthening the”two persistence” and realizing the”two greater”. At present, the Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce is accelerating the implementation of the special promotion action of the Anhui Pilot Free Trade Zone in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Ministry of Commerce, the Anhui Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and strives to create a new highland for reform and opening up.”High-quality development” provides strong support.

  Optimizing the business environment and doing a good job of”shop second” service

  在In terms of business environment construction, Anhui Province also has unique advantages-comprehensively promote”Internet + government services”, implement”one network connection” and”no-face approval”, normalize the”four get one service” project, and Anhui strives to build national approval Provinces with the fewest issues, the highest efficiency, the best investment environment, and the strongest sense of market players and people.

  Taking Changfeng County as an example, Li Mingshan, deputy secretary of the Changfeng County Party Committee and County Mayor, introduced in his speech at the roundtable that Changfeng County has established a construction command of”One District and Six Parks” Ministry of Health, constructing a comprehensive evaluation system for the park of”Heroes per acre and heroes on scale”; a professional consultant team was invited to prepare the industrial and spatial planning of the park for 174 square kilometers, focusing on Hefei’s”core screen device integration”,”integrated lifelong wisdom”, and”big wisdom move the cloud” Leading industries such as”Wu Gu Feng Deng” will extend the chain and strengthen the chain. At the same time, in accordance with the service concept of”enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, professionalism, and diligence”, we will always firmly provide”scientists, entrepreneurs, and thousands of families” with”shop second” services; pilot”standard ground + commitment system + maximum run once” Reform, implement the negative list system and the promised green channel system, and”give the green light” to the establishment of high-quality enterprises.

  Business environment is productivity! In 2019, Changfeng (Shuangfeng) Economic Development Zone achieved operating income of 79.1 billion yuan, an increase of 25%, and industrial added value increased by 24%, The number of patent applications and authorizations increased by 24%and 25%, respectively. There are 2 national innovation platforms, 1 main board listed company, 5 new third board listed companies, and 10 listed companies. The park has successively won the honorary titles of national entrepreneurial innovation characteristic carrier, national civilized unit, national green ecological park, and national digital smart park.

  Foreign companies praise Anhui for continuing to expand investment

   in the field of international cooperation , Changfeng (Shuangfeng) Economic Development Zone has also carried out active exploration and has been approved to build a Sino-Japanese (Changfeng Shuangfeng) International Cooperation Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park. Hefei Nissho Club Vice President and head of Hefei Shinano Motor Co., Ltd. Shuji Tsuchiya revealed in a speech at the round table that as of September 2020, Hefei Nissho Club has 51 corporate members and a total of 199 individual members. Hefei Shinano Motor Co., Ltd. established a motor manufacturing base for air-conditioning in Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone, which mainly produces motors for water heaters and air purifiers, and has expanded to an annual production scale of 600 million yuan. Based on the high-quality service, good investment environment and relatively complete industrial chain of Changfeng County and Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone, the company has expanded its production scale. The second phase of the factory will be completed in November this year. The goal is to expand the production scale to 1 billion yuan per year. . Shuji Tsuchiya also praised Anhui Province, Hefei City, Changfeng County and Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone for their care and assistance to enterprises during the epidemic, and expressed his sincere thanks.

The    roundtable also held the award ceremony of the national green ecological park, the first batch of international cooperation industrial parks in Anhui, and the investment promotion of Changfeng (Shuangfeng) Economic Development Zone A series of activities such as the project signing ceremony. At the signing ceremony, Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone signed a total of 6 projects including green smart industrial city, PLA environmentally friendly biological products, intelligent doors and windows and curtain walls, smart heating equipment, 5G + smart-linked biological cold cloud, and new energy automobile motors.


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