Foreign media:”Apophis” asteroid may hit the earth in 48 years

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[Foreign media:”Apophis” asteroid may hit the earth in 48 years] British”Daily Mail” website:Experts warned that a god of chaos”Apo The asteroid named”Fez” is accelerating and may hit the Earth in 48 years.

According to reports, astronomers at the University of Hawaii confirmed that the larger”Apophis” asteroid The flight speed is increased under the influence of non-uniform radiation, as if a small booster is installed. The scientific community originally thought that”Apophis” could not hit the earth, but the latest findings indicate that this asteroid may hit the earth on April 12, 2068-the consequences may be catastrophic.

The diameter of”Apophis” is more than 1,000 feet (about 305 meters), and the power produced by the impact is equivalent to the simultaneous explosion of 880 million tons of TNT explosives. After it was first discovered, scientists thought that the probability of it hitting the earth in 2029 was 2.7%.

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