How did the”worst coach in Premier League history” De Boer become the Dutch coach?

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Frank De Boer may be Mourinho’s most vicious target of criticism at the press conference.

Let’s take a look at this scene:De Boer, as a professional coach, has just walked out of his bleak tenure in charge of Crystal Palace for a few months. The Dutchman was hired in June 2017 and ended his coaching career at Selhurst Park 10 weeks later. The team lost the first four league games of the season without a goal.

In March 2018, De Boer said on TV that as Manchester United’s head coach, Mourinho is overseeing the promising young England striker Marcus Rashford’s development is a kind of”regret”.

For a long time, the Portuguese has always been concerned about his ignoring the reputation of youth players, but he will not let it go.

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“I read Some words from Frank De Boer, the worst coach in the history of the Premier League-seven games, seven losses, zero goals.”Mourinho told reporters.

“He said that it is not good for Rashford to have a coach like me, because the most important thing for me is to win.”


“If he is coached by Frank, he will learn how to fail because he loses every game.”

Now, more than two years have passed since that embarrassing moment. De Boer has just ended another unsuccessful coaching career, this time in Atlanta United.

He may have won more games than he won in Crystal Palace, but he ended up coaching in the same way:getting fired.

However, somehow, De Boer’s reputation has risen. The legendary central defender now coaches the Dutch national team and will lead his home country for the first time in a friendly match against Mexico on Wednesday.

A coach who failed in England, Italy and the United States somehow ended up coaching a team including Virgil van Dyck and Frankie De Jong And Memphis Depay’s team.

How did he do it?

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De Boer Joining is in response to the departure of Ronald Koeman, the former Barcelona defender chose to leave the Netherlands last month to replace Setien at the Nou Camp.

As the national league progresses and the European Cup approaches, the Dutch Football Association hopes to find a familiar face in a relatively short period of time to stabilize the situation.

Rijkaard and Peter Boss have been in contact, but surprisingly, De Boer finally got the job.

De Boer’s coaching journey began in the 2010 World Cup, when he was an assistant coach for the Dutch team and reached the final with the team.

Shortly after that, he was appointed as the head coach of Ajax and led the team to four Eredivisie championships. However, De Boer resigned after failing to win in 2016.

However, at that time, many teams wanted De Boer. In 2013, he was associated with the work of Liverpool, but he chose to stay in Amsterdam. When he left Ajax and Inter Milan summoned him, he came to Milan.

He only coached 14 games in Meazza, a total of 84 days, and ended his coaching hastily after losing four in five games. Mourinho fiercely pointed out that De Boer later performed worse in England, but was still selected by the Atlanta United in December 2018.

By joining the Major League Soccer, De Boer hopes to rebuild his reputation in this league known for his patience with the coach. He took over a well-functioning machine made by the former Argentina and Barcelona coach Martino, which won the Cup just a few months before his arrival. However, De Boer dismantled the machine.

Led by Martino, Atlanta is a free-flowing and energetic offensive team. Under De Boer’s leadership, they were lifeless and lacking vitality.

From the moment De Boer stepped into the Atlanta Stadium, he focused on defense. Everyone on the team is required to perform their duties, including the club’s most talented attacker.

As a result, he often clashed with star players Joseph Martinez and Gonzalo Martinez. Atlanta United’s performance was like an attempt to resist all Teams with offensive instincts try to follow the instructions of the coach.

Before the 2019 Major League Soccer All-Star Game, guard Leandro González Pilez said:“Things have changed Many, the way clubs play games has changed, and we don’t like this.”

According to the Athletic report, when De Boer’s former club Ajax played in 2019 When the Champions League lost to Tottenham in the semi-finals of the year, several Atlanta United players cheered.

The two Martinez also withdrew from training because they were disappointed with the coach’s training methods.

In 2019, this team was able to stay united and won two trophies. Martino’s ambition disappeared, but the victory did not disappear. De Boer led Atlanta United to win the U.S. Open and the Cup Winners’ Cup.

Even in the turmoil in the locker room, these trophies are enough to justify changing the style of the game.

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However, in In this year’s Major League Soccer’s return to the Championship, the team has been off track. Joseph Martinez missed the game due to a torn cruciate ligament, making Atlanta United lose one of the league’s top scorers.

Three consecutive 0-1 defeats caused De Boer to lose his job. He only played 55 games in Atlanta.

Despite winning two championships, his time in the club will not be remembered. Atlanta United is widely believed to return to South America to find the next head coach, trying to get back to the offensive foundation established by Martino, which De Boer subsequently destroyed.

However, just a few months later, De Boer will take over one of the hottest teams in the European Cup next year. Coincidentally, the first game he coached was against Martino’s Mexico team and lost 0-1 at home. If De Boer leads his new team to honor, his disastrous experiences at Inter Milan, Crystal Palace and Atlanta will be overshadowed.

But if De Boer fails again, he will find himself at a crossroads, and he may come to an end in coaching.

He has been able to recover from Mourinho’s ridicule, but if he fails again, the Portuguese’s view of De Boer will become a popular saying .