In this matter, Japan may “abandon” the United States and choose China

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According to media reports, the United States, Japan, Australia and Four countries in India held a four-party meeting. This meeting was led by the United States and discussed many important world-wide topics. Because it is a meeting led by the United States, it is not difficult to guess which topics will be discussed. China must be To be mentioned. During this meeting, the four countries discussed the issue of order reconstruction after the epidemic. The United States also expressed its intention to unite the forces of the other three countries to”isolate China”, but so far it has not received any clear response.

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The four-party talks were meant to seek alliances, and the United States’ hopes fell through

After the 2004 tsunami in India, the idea of ​​the four-party talks has shown signs of development. It can be said that the current four-party talks The talks sprouted from that time. The United States initiated and promoted Japan, India and Australia to join in and carry out post-disaster reconstruction and rescue activities together. The United States’ expectation is to build an alliance through this system. Although it has not clearly stated whether the establishment of the alliance is successful for more than ten years, the four-party talks are not negligible for the four countries.

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However, this four-party talk did not give the United States a The satisfactory answer is mainly due to the sudden announcement of the Australian Prime Minister’s withdrawal from the Four-Party Talks. The former Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo who has been advocating for the Four-Party Talks also stepped down. Moreover, the world is now facing the threat of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The strength China has made in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic cannot be ignored. Now China’s international status is not the same as before. The United States wants to establish an”Asian version of NATO” to contain China’s development through this four-party talks, which is not realistic from the current situation.

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The four-party talks yielded nothing and the United States returned from disappointment

Since the establishment of the four-party talks, the United States has been hoping to unite the four countries to form an organization similar to NATO to contain other countries. development of. It is easy to say that it is easy to combine the power of these three countries to strengthen itself, but the interests that the United States seeks by itself are not in line with the interests of other countries. For example, Japan. On the one hand, Japan wants to rely on the power of other countries to strengthen itself. It is unwilling to really make enemies with China. What the United States seeks is to unite with Japan to suppress China from all aspects. Japan naturally has its own concerns

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So up to now, it has not issued a very clear attitude in response to this idea of ​​the United States, so the United States wants to unite the four countries to form another A version of NATO’s vision may be frustrated.

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