Institutions heavily buy Hongyuan Electronics, hot money hits Zhongneng Electric丨Longhuban

By yqqlm yqqlm

On Monday, 20 stocks appeared as institutions, and 9 stocks received net purchases from institutions. Sub-new stock Barbie Foods, yesterday once again received a purchase of more than 100 million yuan from an institution, and the institution bought heavily for 2 consecutive trading days. As a result, Barbie Food continued to hit a new high since its listing, and even closed the daily limit in the late trading, with a market value approaching 12 billion yuan. The new stocks Ruo Yuchen have recently received frequent purchases from institutions, but the purchase amount is not large. The enthusiasm for hot money has not continued, and the cautious mood has increased. Charging pile concept stocks Zhongneng Electric were the most popular among hot money yesterday. The intervention of hot money helpedZhongneng Electric relied on the 5-day moving average and pulled a 20%daily limit on heavy volume, refreshing the high point of the stage.