Is the”Eye of the Sahara” the city of Atlantis?

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Saharan Eye

The Sahara’s Eye, also known as the”Richardt Structure”, is located in Mauritania in the southwestern part of the Sahara Desert in Africa. Its diameter reaches 48 kilometers. The center point is more than 580 kilometers from the Atlantic coast. Because of the huge structure, it is clearly visible in space. It is often used for image correction of satellite earth observation. It is an area with more satellite photography.

Discovery process

The Eye of the Sahara is the ten most spectacular in the world One of the geological miracles of the United States, from November 1961 to November 1966, the United States implemented the”Gemini” plan. Its main task is to research and develop manned moon landing technology and train astronauts for long-term flight and extravehicular activities. The program lasted 5 years and completed 10 manned flights around the earth, with 2 people each time, costing nearly US$1.3 billion.

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Gemini Spaceship

In one of the missions, when the Gemini spacecraft passed over Africa, the astronauts observed a strange phenomenon in space hundreds of kilometers away from the Earth. Image of:A round object appeared in the southwest of the Sahara Desert. It looked like a round eye. This is the Sahara Eye, staring tightly at space!

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taken from satellite According to the photo, it is divided into 3 layers:the center circle is like a pupil, with a slightly damaged edge on one side; the periphery of the”pupil” is a larger circle, which tightly surrounds the center circle , Like round eyeballs; the large outer circle is of course the”eyelids”. What’s more, there are loops on the outer edge of this big circle, like the eyelashes of this”eye”.

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Cause hypothesis

~Meteorite Theory

Because of the peculiar characteristics of this topographic structure, the scientific community has been trying to understand its cause for many years, scholars Various hypotheses have also been proposed. In the 1960s when it was discovered, scientists Cailleux, Freeburg, etc. suggested that the Eye of the Sahara was a crater.

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The African continent is Indeed, many meteorites have been hit in the long history, such as Friedberg Crater in South Africa, Bosumtu Crater in Ghana, and Olonga Crater in Lake Chad. Wait. However, after an on-site investigation of the”Eye of Sahara”, it was found that no relevant evidence supporting the meteorite impact was found. So this hypothesis has been rejected.

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African confirmed craters (red dots)

~Volcanic eruption theory

After that, representatives of Destombes and Plote, Monod and Pomerol, etc. put forward the hypothesis of the cause of volcanic activity based on field research . Pull the cause of formation from the sky to the ground.

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Causes of volcanic eruption ( Image source:Bronze Horse Archer)

They believe that the”Eye of the Sahara” has experienced at least three major volcanic events over a million-year time span In the middle of the Cretaceous, the deep mantle upwelling around the Atlantic formed a ring structure, a kimberlite pipe and a carbonate ring structure.

The upwelling of magma causes the originally nearly horizontal strata to arch upwards, forming a dome structure with a high middle and low surroundings, and is accompanied by a series of ring and radial fractures. Gabbro and carbonatite intrude along the cracks to form rock walls. In the later period, several volcanic eruptions formed the rhyolite and several craters that can be seen now. After the volcanism, many hydrothermal and collapse events occurred, and a large number of breccias were formed in the core of the ring structure, which was filled by later flooding sediments.

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And for many years there has been wind erosion and water erosion near the Eye of the Sahara. It’s a long process. Through satellite maps, we can see that this area has been subjected to northeast winds for a long time, and there was a large area of ​​water erosion history (prehistoric flood)

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The present landform is the result of the combined action of mechanical weathering and chemical weathering of the dome structure. Differential erosion has completed the final shaping work. Limestone and mudstone are dissolved and weathered to form depressions; weather-resistant quartz sandstone and gabbro walls form protruding circular ridges, and the core flow is well preserved. Laminite and hydrothermal fill breccia.

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Weathering effect (picture source:bronze horse archer)

~Atlantis City Talk

In recent years, the idea that the”Eye of the Sahara” is the city of Atlantis has risen and quickly occupied the minds of supporters of the legendary school.

Since the West Coast of Africa was indeed submerged by sea in certain historical periods, it was compared with Plato’s description of Atlantis,””The Eye of the Sahara” has some similarities with this mysterious and lost city. Such as the size of the ring structure and the description of the location of the mountains and the sea.

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Atlantis City Imagination and”Eye of Sahara”

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If Western Sahara is submerged in sea water,”Sahara”Eye of the Eye” may indeed be a continent in the sea.

Atlantis civilization is the fourth civilization on the earth that the Mayans speculated, also known as the civilization of light. Legend has it that there is an ancient continent with a high degree of civilization development. The earliest description is in Plato’s”Dialogue”, saying that it was destroyed by a prehistoric flood in 10,000 BC. According to the prophecies of the Mayan calendar, there are five cycles of destruction and rebirth in the world in which humans live on the earth, which is the so-called”solar period”. At the end of each period, a thrilling and devastating tragedy will be staged. Among them, the fourth solar period is the Atlantis civilization, also known as the civilization of light. Human civilization in this stage was destroyed in the huge floods.

In Plato’s notes, it is mentioned that”His ancestor went to Solon about nine thousand years ago, opposite the Pillar of Hercules (the Strait of Gibraltar), there is a large Island, from there you can go to other islands. Opposite those islands is a whole piece of land surrounded by the ocean. This is the kingdom of Atlantis.” At that time, Atlantis was about to start a battle with Athens. Unexpectedly, Atlantis was suddenly hit by earthquakes and floods, and it became a place difficult to reach by Greek ships in less than a day and a night. (The meaning of sinking into the sea)

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Of course, the “Eye of the Sahara” is the hypothesis of Atlantis City, which has a premise that time is aside from the important factor. After all, judging from the age of the rocks in the”Saharan Eye”, it is at least the mid-Cretaceous matter. Of course, it does not rule out the possibility that the previous civilization built cities and buildings on the ring structure. But nothing remains after a great flood.

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Sanskrit viewpoint:How the”Sahara Eye” was formed is actually not important. What is important is that this”eye” has witnessed the civilization and destruction of mankind several times.

Part of the content and pictures of this article are quoted from:Bronze Horse Archer