Kazakhstan’s new crown patient:After the cure, my body has strange phenomena

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[Original title] Almaty patients with new crown can’t eat meat after recovery

According to Tengger News, a resident of Almaty suffered a strange change in his body after being infected with the new crown.

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25-year-old Marat Mukanov was infected with the new crown virus in early July this year. According to him, he may have been infected at a friend’s birthday party.

“The initial symptoms are very weak, almost immobile. Headache is about to explode, and still feel cold. No loss of taste and smell, but no appetite. Every day. Sleeping for 15 hours, the cough is very bad, like bronchitis.” Marat said.

He treated himself at home and it took him 3 weeks to recover.

“I went to the doctor to prescribe drugs and took antiviral drugs

span> and cough syrup. During the treatment, I did not communicate with anyone. Now I try not to touch others. I wear a mask wherever I go. I also use disinfectants. I don’t want to get sick again and I don’t want to infect others.” In particular.

Marat later went for a new crown test, and his result was positive.

Now he is healed, but there is a strange phenomenon in his body. He can no longer eat meat and eggs, he can only eat fish and vegetables. Marat’s favorite breakfast was an omelet, but now he has to use porridge instead.

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“I can’t eat beef, mutton, eggs, and chicken. I smell these foods that always have a rotten taste. At first I thought the food was broken, so I threw it away. Later I found out that it was me. Something went wrong. I checked it online, and it seems that many people have this symptom and cannot eat meat after being infected with the new crown.” Marat said.

Marina Gravik, an infectious disease doctor, said that the smell of decay is related to the corona Virus is not directly related, but the coronavirus will aggravate patients’ chronic diseases. For example, if cholecystitis is aggravated, this symptom will occur. Therefore, the liver and biliary tract must be examined by ultrasound.

Previously, media reports stated that scientists at various research centers in the United States have concluded that this disease will invade the entire human body and the negative effects will continue. many years.

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