Lakers reporter Q&A:Popper should not leave the team, Kuzma may be part of the big deal

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=6da3993dd02b7e6dda559d5d736d7417 - Lakers reporter Q&A:Popper should not leave the team, Kuzma may be part of the big dealLive Broadcast, October 24th. Recently, Lakers reporter Bill Oram responded to some fans’ questions in the mailbox, including the future of Kuzma and the traded Paul‘s possibility and other topics, let’s take a look.

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Fans:The salary space in the NBA is very complicated. If Davis renews the contract with the Lakers for maximum salary, what kind of operating space is left for the team? I hope you can use us to hear Explain in an understandable way.

Oram:Basically, as long as Davis signs a maximum salary contract, the Lakers will have no salary space to sign other players. But the Lakers can still renew their team players, or use exceptions to sign some less expensive players.

Let’s assume that Pope and Londo both choose to break out of the contract, and the team chooses to use extended terms to decide Turn off Cook, who has part of the guarantee contract, so that the Lakers are still about $20 million from the luxury tax line, and more importantly, from the local tyrant. >25 million US dollars.

The Lakers won’t mind paying the luxury tax, but it’s important not to exceed the local tyrant line. In this way, the team can use nearly 10 million U.S. dollars in the full mid-class special case (only available to teams below the local line) to sign a very important free agent. It is worth mentioning that if this player is signed, the team needs to keep the salary below the local tyrants throughout the season.

As a result, the Lakers only have $15 million left (25 million minus 10 million) to sign Rondo (assuming to jump out of the contract), Pope ( Assuming that they have jumped out of the contract) and Howard (the contract expires), they may agree to a salary cut to stay on the team, but this will still restrict the possibility of the Lakers trading during the season (cannot exceed the local tyrant line).

In other words, if the Lakers want to retain the core lineup of last season, it is difficult for them to have a full mid-class exception. But if the salary cap is higher than expected, or Mckey, Bradley and others choose to jump out of the contract, this Give the Lakers more maneuverable space.

But at least it can be guaranteed that if Pope is taken away by another team at a higher price, the Lakers can use the middle class exception to find his replacement.

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Fans:What do you think of Kuzma’s future? I like him very much, but I don’t think he has a role for him in this team.

Oram:James once said that Kuzma needs to be the third best player on the Lakers, but after the Finals, no matter how you look at it, he is not the third best. player of. In fact, he is not even the top five in the team. Except for his good performance in the first round, Kuzma was basically invisible at other times.

In 21 playoff games, none of them scored 20 points. Perhaps his value is no longer reflected in scoring. He scored some more important goals in the finals. During the rematch period, his defense improved. Kuzma can renew his contract with the team in advance next season, but if his expectation is for the third person on the team, he will definitely be disappointed.

So, he will either become a restricted free agent in the summer of 2021, or he will be part of a big deal. I always think that Kuzma will perform better in the Lakers than in other teams, but he is also one of the Lakers’ most valuable trading chips.

But the team shouldn’t have to trade Danny Green for Kuzma, because Green’s contract is only one year left, which is attractive enough. I think Kuzma will only play for the Lakers. Being traded while pursuing players like Paul also led me to answer the next question.

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Fans:I often see news that links Paul and the Lakers together. Does this have a chance to happen?

Oram:Opportunity? Of course there is. The Lakers have a way to swallow Paul’s contract, and Kuzma is also a good addition to the Thunder’s young lineup. Don’t forget James’ influence on the team’s lineup and his idea of ​​playing with friends. .

Paul and James both have player options in 2022. Although there is still oil in the tank, Paul will certainly not jump out of the $45 million player option. So, once you get Paul in the deal, no matter how hard you try, you will definitely not think about anyone in the free market in 2021.

The Lakers are definitely in a mode of winning in the moment, but with the success of winning the championship, the team is less eager to repair some of the weaknesses in the lineup. I also reacted to the team’s chemistry after the introduction of Paul. Not sure, although he has a good relationship with James.

Is Paul ready to become the third master? His relationship with Rondo is very poor and it is difficult to see them coexist. Rondo may not be as strong as Paul, but he is also not as expensive as Paul.

If the Lakers do not perform well next season, they may seek a trade for Paul. Now it seems that the Lakers puzzle is enough.

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Fans:Is signing Ros good for the team, considering his injury history , Is the renewal of Rondo a better choice?

Oram:Before the trade deadline last season, the Lakers had a certain degree of interest in Ross. As early as 2017, before Ross joined the Timberwolves, the Lakers had intentionally signed him. So there is a connection between the two.

If the Lakers’ lineup is flawed, it is the lack of players who can create offensive opportunities on their own. Rose is such a player. But the Lakers also need to consider the price they will pay. It may be right to be bold, but the Lakers will be the ideal next home for many free agents. I don’t think it is wise to break the winning core lineup and introduce some famous players.

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Fans:Will Pope leave, howard?

Oram:A few years ago, Pope told me that what he wanted most was a multi-year contract, which would give him a sense of security. However, signing a short contract with the Lakers is good for both parties. Pope can get more money than outsiders expected, and the Lakers have more flexible operating space.

I think Pope will jump out of the contract and renew a long-term contract with the team. The team has his bird rights (ignoring the salary cap renewal), so the Lakers renew his contract in salary space. The above will not be a problem. Pope may receive even more exciting offers after he breaks out of his contract, but I think his relationship with the Lakers and James (the agency is also Klutch Sports) is enough to keep him on the team.

Howard is a different story. He may need to exchange his reputation for winning the championship for some money, and the price the Lakers offered may be difficult to satisfy him.

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Fans:Davis prefers to play at position four, Howard is a completely free agent, McGee has player options, do you think they will both return to the team? If not, the ball Which centers should the team consider in the free market?

Oram:This question gives us the opportunity to consider the question about Cousins. Sins was injured as early as last summer, but the Lakers kept him until this year, and allowed him to use the team’s training facilities. Does this mean the team is still paying attention to him? I believe that by the beginning of next season, Cousins ​​can still play at a relatively high level.

Of course, there are still many centers in the free market:Baynes, Olynik, Favors, Noel and so on. The two champions of last season may leave the team, so the Lakers have to turn their attention to Cousins. Cousins ​​is unlikely to get a contract with other teams. The Lakers can use as little as they did with Howard last season. The risk of investing in Cousins.

Today Howard and McGee are both defensive players. Even if they are looking for free agents, the Lakers will definitely only look for similar players. Cousins ​​may not be such a player, but he can organize Tall, the Lakers also lack such players.

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Fans:Will rookie Tucker get more chances next season?

Oram:It depends on the number of people on the Lakers guard line, if Pope, Rondo, Caruso, Bradley is all here, it is very difficult for Tucker to have a chance. He did show a certain ability in his 7 minutes playing time against the Rockets in the playoffs. I think he will have some playing time in the new season, but he will also have a lot of time to spend in the development league, especially in the season. Early.

Fans:The Lakers’ outside shooting in the Finals is pretty good, but do you think the team still needs to bring in some three-point shooters?

Oram:In fact, the Lakers’ three-pointers are in the bottom ten, which is unheard of in the past decade. The reason for their victory is their highly efficient mid-range shots and offensive offenses, especially when switching offenses. There are hardly any good three-pointers in the Lakers. Three-pointers are indeed the Lakers’ weakness. But what three-pointers can replace the role of the Lakers on the court?

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Fans:Why did Wharton fail? Was Vogel’s commanding position solid?

Oram:I am a fan of Walton. I know that when the Lakers switch from a group of young players to LeBron as the core, Walton’s failure is inevitable. You can’t blame the Lakers, but Walton and James never have the same pace, but even if they repeat it a hundred times, the Lakers will choose James instead of Walton.

Vogel’s situation is completely different. He injected defensive DNA into this team and maximized the capabilities of James and Davis. The championship is the best proof. His position is very stable. It is worth mentioning that when Pelinka found Vogel, no one outside noticed. Therefore, Vogel’s success is also the success of the Lakers management.

Of course, if the Lakers’ performance next season is much lower than expected, the team may turn to assistant coach Kidd, but I think this is impossible.