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What is true love?

Some people have not been able to know what true love is in their entire life. Even if they are old, they still feel regret in this life and fail to live with their ideal person. I think maybe he/From the beginning, she didn’t love her partner from the bottom of her heart.

Some people are really lucky enough. In their old age, gray-haired still looks at their significant other with joy. I think, true love is nothing more than that?

Li Yinhe’s understanding of”true love” is as follows:

When men and women have a resonance of mutual like and love, they can be called”true love”, but such feelings It is very likely that it is the kind of combination that has nothing to do with the vigor and the romantic passion, but two people have a common feeling at the same time, and can have the desire to be together at the end, that is true love.

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Most people open up the concept of true love across the ages Later, it was confused. The pure true love in the past has become a scarce and precious in the present age, so that contemporary young people and even those after middle-age are still troubled by the”missing” of true love.

Individual people’s attitude towards marriage and love is that they would rather not marry if they can’t find true love. Obviously, under such circumstances, this kind of thinking is irresponsible to oneself, compared to those who do not marry Generally speaking, I appreciate people who want to get married at any time.

Many times, the true love we look forward to will be verified in time. Perhaps when we first chose it, it was probably just because some co-productions came together. Finally, after the verification of time, you found out that you were around The person is the true love that he has been searching for for a long time.

Time is the only criterion for testing true love.

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Someone once analyzed the concept of true love from the perspective of psychology, excluding the factors of the times, and believed that true love is the unalterable importance and Watching, men are like fathers like brothers, women are like sisters like mothers, thinking that this is the only standard of true love.

In fact, this kind of love only exists in the early stage of love. Over time, either the action becomes inertia, or the other half is accustomed to doing it for a long time. In short, after the passion subsides, it will be in the ordinary life. It is an indisputable fact to weaken the previous attention.

Love fades away from the romantic and gorgeous outerwear, leaving behind the chai, rice, oil and salt, and the complicated and trivial things of reality. Then the attention and concentration of attention will be straight off the shelves. Isn’t true love then?

In the pressure stage of rapid development in the current era, people’s relationship between survival and love is early Can no longer double care.

Holding a brick can’t hug you, and putting down a brick can’t feed you. This reality makes many emotional people feel unspeakable sadness?

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In this complicated and changeable era, true love has long been impossible A single existence needs to include too many objective conditions to complete the time and place and the standard of harmony between people and meet the conditions for two people to support each other’s true love.

People under great pressure still dare to talk about”I only care about you and don’t care about others”? Under the baptism of time, how many of those who have vowed to go to the end have lost to reality?

There is never a perfect thing or person in the world, just like true love is never perfect.

The yearning and desire for beautiful things is human nature, but some so-called beautiful things can only be fixed within the limits of thinking and cannot become reality.

The two people who walked into the marriage before, did you say they didn’t love each other enough? You said that they didn’t think they found the right person? Do you think they feel that they are not people who live together with true love?

After marriage, the ideal state is shattered by reality. Isn’t this true love?

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At any time, one must admit:

There is no one who is completely right, nor There are 100%perfect things, and all beautiful things have flaws.

If you fall in love with someone, you are willing to share ups and downs, and you are willing to work side by side after all your hardships, accept the flaws of each other in the process and tolerate each other, that is true love.

Everyone’s standard for true love is different from reality. What is true love? It takes time to consider, even if there is a quarrel, there will be no thoughts of separation, and the bottleneck period or the real situation should be solved together. This is the ideal answer to true love.

So, expect the other person to pay attention to and value yourself. Isn’t this the best way for true love to give back?

When directly hitting the facts and ideals, people will understand that at any time, we cannot force everything that happens in reality according to the only standard of our ideals, and we can do it according to our own wishes, because too often Can’t reach it!

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Especially in the matter of emotional demand, too much People’s search for true love, expecting the other half to care and take care of themselves like a father, like a brother, like a sister like a mother, is actually a manifestation of reverse growth, a subconscious misconception that the behavior of the giant baby has evolved into being favored. know.

To love a person is to be willing to be good to another person, but it is definitely not a reason to make another person a giant baby of thought and behavior. Parents in this world are the only ones who can completely resemble There is no such thing as a parent who treats himself like that, unless he is willing to do that subjectively, and there is no reason for anyone to ask him/her like that.

What’s more, his/her subjective behavior also has the right to freedom and cannot be used as a measure of true love.

Some people will say to their significant other:

You have changed. You used to be so good to me, but now you are no longer like me Cared as much as before.

In fact, in the process of requesting, too much self and too much emphasis on your own feelings. Even true parents will have a period of exhaustion. Moreover, the relationship between men and women should never be put in the elders. The love absorbed there is confused in the relationship between men and women.

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Excessive demands on one’s other half to pay attention to and focus on oneself to highlight the so-called true love is a”psychological distortion” of the concept of true love.

Men and women should use correct thinking to understand each other’s feelings:

Men and women’s love to union is mutual giving and peace Giving, based on mutual equality, and using the correct way of changing oneself to cater to the other half of harmony, can we correctly enter the door of true love. Otherwise, the door of true love will be closed.

You can say how you love the person in front of you, but your behavior and thinking are not synchronized. You use a wrong conclusion to define true love. The path of true love you take is itself wrong Way and direction, how to recognize true love?

Some people have fallen in love and got married many times, but finally failed, because they have set up the objects of true love in their concepts too idealized.

To the extent that it is impossible to find satisfaction, security and destination in the other half in the actual relationship, these are actually distorted concepts of a person, not to mention that not every time I meet inhumans.

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The premise of true love is to have an emotional feeling for a person, And I also have a kind of attraction to that person, so that it has reached the standard of being able to fall in love. After walking together, the mature way of communication between two people is constant through time whether it is true love.

After all, the way of getting along determines the derivation of true love.

Emotion to marriage can be divided into the following stages:

Heartbeat-passion-plain-marriage-newly married infatuation-plain- grow old together.

And each stage of this will be accompanied by a break-in. The so-called good break-in is the way two people get along. After the heartbeat, all the ways of getting along determine the degree of break-in. The same person as true love becomes indispensable in one’s own life.

So, what do you think is true love?

Li Yinhe’s conception of true love will be more convincing and agreeable than psychological analysis:

As long as you like each other, love each other, and are willing to lower your ideal concept The standard of true love object, then true love is not so difficult to find.

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Why do many people find it so easily My true love? Why do some people always have a rough road in love?

An old saying goes like this:happiness is not about having more, but about caring less.

I don’t know if you have noticed that those around you who care too much are really hard to reap happiness. Whether it’s love or life, it’s hard for them to go well, but those who don’t have too much desire , Their life is enviable.

You need to be responsible for your own feelings, you need not to idealize your feelings too much, do not over demand your partner’s attention and attention to yourself, and allow his/her energy to be distracted, as long as the emotions are not transferred to other opposite sex or With regard to poor concentration, such distractions need to be understood.

True love is when you get along for a long time, you can choke the other person to death for one minute, and the other half is willing to share the pressure for him/her by doing anything in the next minute, and also willing to feel distressed And caring, more willing to do self-reflection after all disputes.

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True love is not formed unilaterally, but in countless After the passion and passion, they will never leave the other half.

True love begins at first sight and continues for a long time.

Don’t say that you can’t meet true love, and don’t say that your feelings for the person in front of you have faded. When you have such an idea, it can only mean that you initially chose to be with the person in front of you. Go all out, everything you give is just touching yourself.

The feelings of people who decide to be together will not fade, but it is because trivial things take up energy.

When your feelings are still going on and you are confused about true love, you may wish to change yourself and lower your idealized expectations of true love. Then you will face your eyes in your twilight years. People say:

Looking for a lifetime, it turns out that you have been by my side!

For the rest of the day with the person in front of you, complain less and use more rational thinking to care for your emotions. In fact, no one is more suitable for you than the person in front of you. He/she is your true love. As long as you are willing to experience it with your heart!

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