“M78 Nebula” Otter Star is real! The mystery of the universe

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The title of Ultraman’s first appearance on the screen in 1966, source:WIKI

Since its first appearance on the screen in 1966, the special drama Ultraman has been occupied for a long time After people have a meal, the series is still serialized and has become a well-known super long hit work. In the current series, it is rarely mentioned that Ultraman’s hometown is in the”M78 Nebula”, which is a place 3 million light years away from the Milky Way. (Translator’s Note:This is the distance set by Ultraman overhead. In practice, The M78 nebula is about 1600 light years away from the earth). Altman came to the earth from a place where even light would take 3 million years to reach. From a physical point of view, it is incredible. However, Ultraman is also a hypothetical product, but the M78 nebula mentioned in it actually exists in the universe. What kind of planet Ultraman lives on, let us find out!

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M78 image taken by the wide-area orientation instrument on the MPG/ESO 2.2-meter telescope of La Sila Observatory, source:European Southern Observatory(ESO)

The M78 nebula that exists in Orion is a collection of dust and gas. The reason why it can be We see it because it reflects the light of the star, so it is called a reflection nebula. The M78 nebula faintly spread to the northeast of the three side-by-side twinkling stars in the belt of Orion.

The name”M78 Nebula” is actually the serial number in the”Messier catalog” that records the catalog of celestial bodies. This catalog of celestial bodies was written by the French astronomer Charles Messier in the 18th century. All the celestial bodies recorded are collectively referred to as”Messier celestial bodies”. These celestial bodies are named with Messier’s M as the beginning, such as”M1, M2…”. The catalog has been recorded until the 110th celestial body, and the famous Andromeda Nebula is also recorded in the catalog as”M31″.

Ultraman’s hometown does exist, and it is a Roman story in the catalog of celestial bodies recorded on the earth. So, does Ultraman always exist in places where dust and gas are concentrated? Is it called the”Country of Light” entirely because of the light produced by its reflection?

Miscellaneous talk 1:M78 Nebula was once M87 Nebula?

It is said that in the original Ultraman script, their hometown should be the M87 Nebula. Because of the printing error of the script, it became the current”M78 Nebula”, which was finally finalized. By the way,”M87″ is a celestial body in Virgo. But in any case, I can’t imagine how Ultraman is connected with the girl, so the mistakenly printed”M78″ has become the result of inadvertently.

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M87 (Virgo A galaxy) 50 million light-years away from the earth, source:NASA Hubble photo

Miscellaneous talk 2:”The Kingdom of Light” has brother cities!

The Otto stars in the M78 Nebula, also known as the”Country of Light”, actually exist in brother cities. What kind of celestial body is it this time? In fact, the sister city of the Kingdom of Light is in Japan. That place is the hometown of the founder of Ultraman, Eiji Tsuburaya, Sukagawa City in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. Sukagawa City is not only the hometown of Tsuburaya, but also a memorial place for Ultraman and monsters, and Ultraman related events are held here. In other words, as Ultraman’s second hometown, Sukagawa City has also become a tourist attraction. It turns out that the hometown of the founder of Ultraman should be called the hometown of Ultraman.

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The geographic location of Sukagawa City in Japan, source:WIKI

Summary of the”M78 Nebula”

I originally thought that the M78 Nebula was overhead, but it actually exists. It can be observed very well with a telescope. If you find the constellation Orion that shines in the winter night sky, try to find the M78 Nebula! When I think of Ultraman guarding us there, I will be excited beyond words! After knowing the real existence of the Ultra Star, it was so touching that Ultraman was able to notice our earth from such a distance. It’s really hard to come to our earth from so far!

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M78 Nebula is located in the position of Orion, source:Stellarium

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