Ma Yun:Hainan must take on the historical responsibility of exploring new globalization for the world

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Original title:China Entrepreneur Club Chairman Jack Ma:

Hainan must take on the historical responsibility of exploring new globalization for the world

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Ma Yun. Photo by reporter Zhang Mao

On the afternoon of September 29, the 2020 China Green Company Annual Conference with the theme of”Business Growth in the Digital Age” was held. At the meeting, Ma Yun, Chairman of China Entrepreneur Club, Ma Yun Founder of Public Welfare Foundation, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Advocate, Alibaba Partner Jack Ma Delivered a wonderful speech.

In his speech, Jack Ma shared his views on globalization in the post-epidemic era and the development of Hainan Free Trade Port. He pointed out that the globalization of the new and true digital age has just begun, and Hainan must take on the historical responsibility of exploring new globalization for the world. At the same time, in the new era of globalization, China will shift from”sell, sell, and sell” to”buy, buy, and buy.”

Talk about Hainan:

Hainan’s construction of a free trade port is a historic choice

” The Green Company annual meeting was held in Hainan for the first time, and it was also the first time that so many entrepreneurs from China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) came to Hainan collectively. We came to Hainan this time and had no other ideas, just to provide support for the construction of the free trade port , Because at this time, China needs to be more open and more in line with the world!” At the beginning of the speech, Ma Yun expressed the deep meaning of the choice of this conference to be held in Hainan.

“2020 is very special. The future must be a historical watershed; Hainan’s becoming a free trade port must also be a historic choice.” Ma Yun believes that after the epidemic, we must consider how to regenerate the economy. But economic rebirth is not to return to the past, but to reach a higher level. It is necessary to see the future and trends from the epidemic and fully grasp the opportunities.

Faced with the tremendous changes in the world structure, Jack Ma firmly believes that we must adhere to openness and globalization.”Especially after the epidemic, I believe that all doors in the world have to be opened on their own. No door is naturally open.” In Jack Ma’s view, insist on globalization at this time. Whenever is important and more meaningful.”Hainan is now standing at a new historical starting point. The construction of a free trade port is not simply an opportunity for Hainan’s development, nor is it just an opportunity for China’s economic development, but to take on the role of exploring new global opportunities for the world. The historical responsibility of globalization.”

Ma Yun further explained that the Hainan Free Trade Port has its own historical mission,” Today has given us an opportunity. Do we have this kind of mind, pattern, and responsibility for the globalization of the world’s future figures, for the globalization of more companies, more countries, and more developing countries, to formulate a fairer and more Sustainable, green trade rules.”

Talk about globalization:

The new era of globalization has just begun p>

“Yesterday, the original, the traditional, the globalization of the industrial age is coming to an end. The new, true, and digital era of globalization has just opened.” Ma Yun has a clear-cut stand in the face of the voice of globalization. He expressed his own views and gave a new interpretation of globalization in the digital age.

What is the difference between globalization in the new and old times? Ma Yun said:”In the past, globalization was dominated by developed countries and large enterprises. In the future, globalization should be the development of developing countries and small and medium-sized enterprises going to the world. Trade was the main force of globalization in the past, and technology will be the main force of globalization in the future. People are flowing, goods are flowing, the future is the flow of data and services; the globalization of traditional enterprises in the past, and the globalization of enterprises that make good use of Internet technology in the future.”

At the same time, this is also In the new round of globalization driven by China’s domestic demand, China will shift from”selling, selling” to”buying, buying, and buying.””The last globalization was driven by the consumption of 300 million people in the United States; the domestic demand of 1.4 billion people in China will drive the next round of true globalization and drive the development of the world economy.” In Jack Ma’s view, domestic demand should satisfy every ordinary person. The needs of the people,”Ordinary people’s domestic demand is the real domestic demand value that can be sustained.”

In addition, the new globalization is an ability to serve the world.”If China went out in the past, people must go out, machines go out, and funds go out; today’s China going out requires information and services to go out.” Ma Yun believes that globalization is an ability to serve the world. Not the ability to make money in the world,”Chinese companies should firmly go global, not conquer the world.”

Talk about digitalization:

Digitalization will definitely transform all industries.

Returning to the theme of the annual meeting-“Business Growth in the Digital Era”, Jack Ma also talked about how companies will How should we meet the opportunities and challenges.

“In all the uncertainties today, digitization is certain.” Jack Ma firmly believes that digitization will definitely transform all industries. Not every company must transform, but every company must complete Digital upgrade.

Ma Yun reminded that the next 10 years will be the last 10 years of digitalization of traditional enterprises.”I hope all enterprises must think about how to use data to upgrade their management, organization, and products.”

Ma Yun said that to this day, many entrepreneurs still say that the digital revolution is alarmist and that Internet technology is just a simple tool. However, in his view, digital technology will redefine production, manufacturing, retail, technology, production materials, etc., and will even trigger changes in all production relations and government changes.

Ma Yun also expressed his own unique point of view-in the future, the more industries that have not yet been technologically transformed, the greater the opportunities.”Many companies actually only need to invest more technology and have more talents and ideas. With a little change, the benefits and value obtained will be very certain. If you are purely an Internet company today, you may not be rewarded, but if you turn your traditional business into digital today, you will definitely reap the rewards.”

Source:Hainan Daily