National Medical Insurance Administration:China Medical Insurance is not only the world’s largest medical insurance network, but also the world’s largest poverty reduction plan

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Central Broadcasting Network, Beijing, October 31st (Reporter Jiang Yong) According to a report by the Voice of Economy of China Central Radio and Television”Tianxia Finance”, National The relevant person in charge of the Medical Insurance Bureau revealed in an exclusive interview with a reporter from the Central Radio and Television Station on the 30th that during the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, new progress has been made in the reform of China’s medical insurance system. The number of people participating in basic medical insurance reached 1.35 billion. The rate is stable above 95%.

The number of people insured by my country’s basic medical insurance has reached 1.35 billion people

The reporter learned from the National Medical Insurance Bureau that my country has established the world’s largest medical insurance In the guarantee network, the number of people participating in basic medical insurance has reached 1.35 billion, and the participation rate has stabilized at over 95%. By the end of 2019, all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, including the Corps) have integrated the two systems of urban residents’ medical insurance and the new rural cooperative medical insurance system, realizing a unified urban and rural residents’ medical insurance and critical illness insurance system.

The gold content of China’s medical insurance has continued to increase, and the benefit protection system has become more complete. From the perspective of basic medical insurance, in 2019, the proportion of hospitalization expenses within the scope of employee medical insurance and resident medical insurance policies will reach about 80%and 70%, respectively. The proportion of ordinary people’s personal health expenditure in total health expenditure has dropped from 35.29%in 2010 to 28.36%in 2019.

The burden of medication for the common people is gradually decreasing

The dynamic adjustment mechanism of the medical insurance catalogue is basically formed, and a batch of good medicines with high clinical value, excellent economic evaluation, life-saving and emergency relief Included in the catalog, some drugs with low clinical value, obvious abuse, and better alternatives were removed from the catalog. In addition, through the state’s organization of centralized drug procurement and the negotiation of access to the national medical insurance drug catalogue, the price of medical insurance drugs in China has continued to decrease, and the burden of drug use by the people has gradually decreased.

Zhang Chenguang, deputy director of the Comprehensive Division (Planning and Statistics Division) of the Division of Regulations, Finances and Regulations of the National Medical Insurance Administration, said:”On the one hand, we have improved the negotiation access mechanism. We have conducted medical insurance access negotiations for three consecutive years, and the negotiation The prices of imported drugs have dropped by an average of 44%, 56.7%, and 60.7%, respectively. A batch of anti-cancer drugs and innovative drugs that are urgently needed on the market in recent years have been included in the catalog. In particular, during the medical insurance access negotiations in 2019, 70 new drugs were added. Included in the medical insurance category B, with an average decrease of 60.7%; another 27 originally negotiated drugs were successfully renewed, with an average decrease of 26.4%, and the level of drug protection for the general public has been significantly improved.”

China’s poor people are insured. The rate is stable at over 99.9%

Without universal health, there will be no comprehensive well-off. In the process of winning the fight against poverty and building a well-off society in an all-round way, China’s medical insurance has also made precise efforts to solve the problem of illness It has played an important role in the problems of causing poverty and returning to poverty due to illness. Long Xuewen, deputy director of the Department of Regulation, Finance and Regulations of the National Medical Insurance Bureau, said that China Medical Insurance is not only the world’s largest medical insurance network, but also the world’s largest poverty reduction plan.

Long Xuewen said:“At present, our country’s poverty population’s participation rate has stabilized at over 99.9%, basically achieving full coverage of the poor. In recent years, a total of 27.5 million poor people have been lifted out of poverty. After the population has undergone the triple protection of basic medical insurance, critical illness insurance, and medical assistance, the comprehensive reimbursement ratio for hospitalization has stabilized at about 80%. The medical insurance poverty alleviation policy has benefited 460 million people in poverty in recent years, and has reduced the burden of medical expenses for the poor by nearly 300 billion yuan. .”

Continuously improve the service experience of insured persons

Improve the quality of basic medical insurance participation, and protect the rights and interests of the insured people is endless. The National Medical Insurance Administration recently jointly issued the”Guiding Opinions on Strengthening and Improving Basic Medical Insurance Participation Work” (hereinafter referred to as the”Guiding Opinions”) in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, proposing to vigorously improve the quality of insurance participation and effectively protect the insured Medical insurance rights, steadily implement the universal participation plan, and lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of medical insurance. Long Xuewen pointed out that the insured work directly faces the common people, and the introduction of the”Guiding Opinions” is to continuously improve the service experience of the insured.

“The recent release of the”Guiding Opinions” is to promote the high-quality development of insured work. There are now close to 300 million people moving across the country. How to adapt to the cross-regional population flow? How to adapt to the development of new business formats? Through the”Guiding Opinions”, we will further promote the insured work to adapt to changes in population mobility and employment formats; improve the convenience of participating in insurance and payment by optimizing the procedures and links of participating in the payment of fees, so that everyone has a better experience”Long Xuewen said.