NBA Finals Lakers vs Heat g4 live review, the Lakers are only one step away from winning

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The NBA Finals Lakers vs. Heat g4 live broadcast review the Lakers are just one step away from winning the championship

After the fourth game of the Finals, the NBA finale seems to have lost suspense, and the Los Angeles Lakers are only left with the championship trophy. There is a step away.

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Beijing time on October 7, the NBA Finals held the fourth round of the contest. In the end, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat 102 to 96, leading the finals by a 3-1 lead.

Statistics show that James scored 28 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists in this game, Davis scored 22 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists. Butler scored 22 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists. The Lakers’ field goal percentage was 44%to 42%.

Last game, LeBron James, who made many mistakes, took full responsibility for the loss after the game. However, this did not affect the confidence of the outside world in his”dominance” of the Finals. Instead, it increased more expectations. As his former teammate Channing Frye said in an NBATV show before the fourth game,”I expect James to come forward (in G4) and try to score 60 points.”

Although Frye’s prediction is a bit exaggerated, it is not groundless. According to NBA official statistics, James, who has a 2-0 lead in the playoff series and lost the third game, will often usher in a big explosion-a total of 9 similar situations have occurred before, and James has achieved a record of 7 wins and 2 losses. The winning rate is as high as 78%, averaging 33.7 points per game.

However, it was Lakers shooter Pope who took the lead in this crucial battle. In the opening game, he scored 8 points in a row from inside and outside, helping the Lakers occupy a weak advantage. His fiery touch also drove the cold touch”Iron Forest” in the previous games.Danny Green, who also hit a three-pointer in the first quarter. This is undoubtedly good news for the Lakers.

According to US media reports, just after Game 3 of the Finals, NBA fans initiated a round of signature petitions”If the Lakers win the 2020 championship, Green shouldn’t take the championship ring”. There are already thousands of people participating. The dissatisfaction of the fans is also excusable, and Green’s previous performance was too disappointing. In the previous three finals, Green averaged 7.7 shots per game, but only scored 1.7 goals per game. He averaged only 5.3 points per game. He was troubled by injuries to his fingers and hips. Even if he was in an open position, he was often stable.”.

Be aware that Green is the third-highest paid player on the Lakers team, only behind James and Brown Eyebrow . The Lakers gave him a two-year, $30 million contract last summer, expecting the 3D titan to contribute to the team in the playoffs, but the gap between ideals and reality is a little too far away.

However, in this game, even though Pope and Green were both”firepowered”, the Lakers failed to take the lead early. The important reason is that the Heat’s inside pillar Adebayor was in the final moments before the game. Decided to come back, and opened the situation with fast break dunks at the beginning.

Adebayor’s help for the Heat is visible to the naked eye. When he is on the court, he can not only play Morris, but also protect the rebounds and even assist teammates. His presence also released Butler and Shiro more offensive capabilities. At the end of the first quarter, the Lakers led 27 to 22, but at the beginning of the second quarter, under the leadership of Iguodala, the Heat played a small climax, overtaking by 4 points, and then”stopped” the Lakers again.

Before this timeout, James’ performance did not”explode” as expected. He only scored 3 points in the first quarter and gave the Heat 3 turnovers. But after this timeout, James finally began to exert his strength. He scored 5 points to help the Lakers bite the score, and got 4 rebounds and 4 assists.

Under his leadership, the Lakers made 43.8%of their three-pointers in the half, including Kuzma, Morris and Caruso. Thanks to the high shooting rate from the outside, the Lakers withstood the Heat’s strong attack and ended the first half 49-47.

“We didn’t play like ourselves in the past two games… To win in the NBA Finals, we must do better.” Before this game, Lakers coach Vogel had already Emphasized the importance of defense, and in the game, the Lakers did prevent the Heat’s outside shooting rate to less than 30%. In the second half of the game, James gradually regained his dominance, with two three-pointers and one breakthrough, and caused an offensive foul by his opponent, scoring 9 points in a row, helping the Lakers widen the point difference to 6 points. The Lakers also maintained a good touch, hitting three-pointers in a row, taking a 5 point advantage, and entering the final quarter 75 to 70.

In the crucial fourth quarter, the Lakers insider Davis was suspected of being injured in the confrontation, which made the Lakers fans sweat, but fortunately Davis’s body was not affected much.

But the Heat did not plan to give up early, and the Heat evened the score 6 and a half minutes before the final. Then the two teams still bite the score, until 2 minutes before the end, the Lakers finally opened the point difference to 7 points. Relying on high-intensity defense and Davis’s lethal three-pointer in the final moments, the Lakers finally kept this crucial victory. To win this game, the Lakers are only one victory away from the championship. James’ desire for a championship is unquestionable, especially when the Lakers’ famous Kobe passed away unfortunately, James’s this season is even more burdened. Gave more meaning.

Before the game started, James was wearing a T-shirt printed with”Mamba Spirit”. Kobe’s mental power is also one of the important driving forces for James to move forward. Even Coach Vogel sighed,”I hope the’Mamba Spirit’ can evoke a stronger James.”

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