Newcastle coach:Manchester United striker’s running makes us suffer. The score is very disappointing.

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=14b5d8caaa4c2f340f592422185477b9 - Newcastle coach:Manchester United striker's running makes us suffer. The score is very disappointing.

Live it, October 18 News Early this morning, Newcastle lost 1-4 to Manchester United in the Premier League. After the game, Newcastle coach Steve Bruce accepted an interview with BBC Sports.

Bruce said:”Manchester United has been very difficult all night, some of their strikers have been running very hard for us. But we have not been outside the game. Manchester United made a breakthrough through set-pieces. Our performance in the final stage was a bit naive.”

“They will definitely not enjoy what happened last week. The game was very difficult, there is no doubt. If you give Manchester United space, they will use the frontcourt The lightning speed of the players hurts you.”

“(Goalkeeper) Karl Dallo did a great job. When we needed him to be brave, he was brave. You know your goalkeeper must be playing against He played well when he was a strong team. Today he was hit. I hope he has no problem and will continue to play next week.”

“I think the team was too easy to deal with in the game today. We will I will be very, very disappointed with such a score, because we are only 10 minutes away from a draw. When the game reaches that stage, everything can happen.”

“We try to do Change is a process and it takes time. We will encounter difficulties on the way forward, but we will continue to work hard. The actual situation is not as bad as the score reflects.”

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