One’s life, one’s world

By yqqlm yqqlm

Do you often live your own life alone, lonely, yearning for a beautiful and sweet life, and travel to big cities. Later, the big city does not belong to you, and you do not belong to the big city. Although you are here, it does not belong to you here. Without a home, there is no sense of belonging.

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A person has been to a movie, others watched sweetly, and he shed tears; a person has eaten hot pot, others have said Laughing, I ate and drank, and then cried; I moved many times by myself, and always changed houses to find a house, and paid the rent for the money he earned, but this city did not have his own home.

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A person alive always feels wandering , I’m confused. I am unemployed in the city to find a job. When my house expires, I find a house and rent again. I have no income. I have many difficulties. But I always tell my parents on the phone that my job is stable and my income is high. I don’t have to worry about food and drink. , But only you know how helpless you are, but you dare not bow to life and work hard to move forward. No matter how difficult the front is, you must persist.

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Live alone, have been in love, have been in love. Once the mountain alliances pledged each other, and later went on separate things, really loved, really hated, all like dreams, once beautiful, now lonely. There is no right or wrong in the world of love. Thank you for being here, once in love with each other, once paid for each other, once cared for each other, once missed each other, only to blame for the fact that the shelf life of love is too short, and it expires without results. Everything is gone, everything is wrong. You’ve been in my world, I’ve been in your world, I’m good to you, and you’re good to me, and then there is no contact in the days after that, no resentment, time makes you forget everything, let each other go, life is short, life was originally It doesn’t make sense, so you must live well.

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Live alone, work alone, work hard, be trained, scolded, cry, laugh, and love each other People, have had good friends, have experienced all kinds of things, have seen a lot of things that have not been seen before, have grown, fallen, stood up again, time and time again, experience and experience again, try hard to restart, think so much Give yourself a fresh start, be born in a wealthy family, go to a good university, love one person for the rest of your life, respect your parents, be healthy, and live happily every day.

No matter how difficult the life of one is, one has to persevere, the other has learned to laugh with tears after a long time, learn to bow, learn to admit mistakes, learn to bow and bow, smile, life in the world is too difficult, too difficult I don’t learn a lot. There is no innocence in the world of innocence. The real world is too cruel. I know a little bit and I don’t know. I always make mistakes and make mistakes. You are not the same you used to be. Of you are gone.

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It’s so difficult for a person. Facing each day of life, dare not give up. The sun will rise. You have to work hard to be different For yourself, don’t make yourself too tired, relax, go forward, you can always meet different sunshine on the way forward, this world is the first time for you and me, the first time…

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