Over day and night flight training for sudden air special situation, two pilots flexibly deal with safe landing

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Source:China Military Net-Liberation Army Daily

Two pilots from a brigade of the 74th Army successfully dealt with the special situation of single-engine parking at night–

Eight thrilling minutes

■The People’s Liberation Army News reporter Chen Dianhong, correspondent Xiong Renhui Xu Haojie

“It’s really thrilling…” Although the special situation in the air Several dozen days have passed, but Zhang Jian, a pilot of a certain brigade of the 74th Army, recalled that he still had lingering fears.

Not long ago, at the brigade’s flight safety summary meeting, Zhang Jian told his comrades the thrilling 8 minutes.

On that day, the brigade carried out cross-day and night flight training as planned. At 19:00, Zhang Jian and his partner Liu Chengwei drove a certain type of armed helicopter to fly over a certain reservoir.

“Kang, bang, bang…” Suddenly, the fuselage vibrated violently, and the experienced pilot Zhang Jian couldn’t help but sink.

“Rotor speed drops!” The co-pilot Liu Chengwei also noticed the abnormality. In the cockpit, the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

“The left engine was parked in the air, and the flight altitude is continuously decreasing!” After investigation, the special situation of the fighter was quickly determined. Zhang Jian, who was responsible for the teaching task of refitting the aircraft, knew the seriousness of the problem.

400 meters, 300 meters…The war eagle descended in the air, Zhang Jian always firmly grasped the joystick. As a pilot who has been flying safely for more than 2,200 hours, Zhang Jian is extremely clear-headed, and he reports to the ground tower while manipulating the fighter plane.

The fighter plane is still shaking violently. After receiving the instruction, Zhang Jian immediately manipulated the fighter to turn right and flew towards the airport.

Outside the cockpit, the mountain environment at night did not have any bright markers. The two pilots worked closely together. After constant adjustment, the gauge pointer pointed to the normal value, and the fighter state gradually stabilized.

At this time, the sharp sirens of the ground tower pierced the night sky, and the airport service, fire, medical and other security teams were quickly in place.

The lights are a little bit, and the eagle returns to the nest. After a thrilling 8 minutes, the helicopter piloted by Zhang Jian and Liu Chengwei finally landed safely.

“The fact that the two pilots are not chaotic in the face of danger reflects their excellent psychological quality.” The brigade leader said that in recent years, they have incorporated special handling into daily training and established a”frequent flight, often new” Experience resource base to improve the”security base” of the troops to win. The brigade also deviated from the normal communication between pilots and maintenance personnel, established a sound two-way feedback mechanism, on-site handling of sudden problems, exchanges of hidden problems at any time, and discussion of general problems to ensure that”difficult and miscellaneous diseases do not stay overnight.”

Faced with this special situation, the two pilots responded flexibly, which not only avoided a major accident, but also accumulated important experience in handling special situations in the air. The party committee of the brigade reported second-class merit for Zhang Jian and third-class merit for Liu Chengwei.

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