Month: October 2020

About 280,000 U.S. school-age children are infected with new coronavirus

The latest statistics released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the 28th local time show that during the period from March 1 to September 19 this year, which is almost six and a half months, about 280,000 school-age children in the United States were infected with the new crown virus. , About 4%of the total number of confirmed diagnoses in the United States at this stage.


Behind the explosion of a company in Yibin:the actual controller’s cousin died, and Zhang Yingqi, who was”the richest man in Yibin,” founded it with the actual controller in the early years

An explosion occurred in the factory area where the logo on the roof of the enterprise read”Yibin Yili Technology Co., Ltd.”. Thick smoke rose at the site and a large number of nearby houses were damaged. After the incident, according to local reports, the accident caused 2 deaths and 1 minor injury.


Reuters:China is preparing to launch an antitrust investigation against Google, using Android’s advantages to hinder competition

IT Home, September 30 news According to Reuters, two people familiar with the matter pointed out that China is preparing to launch an antitrust investigation against Google to investigate allegations that Google uses the advantages of the Android mobile operating system to hinder competition. The source said that the investigation was proposed by Huawei, and the Chinese anti-monopoly regulatory agency has submitted it to the State Council for review.