Month: October 2020

Xu Yunlong:Now the referee is open-eyed and bragging about why it is so obvious if Baoshanggang does it

On September 28, Beijing time, Xu Yunlong, the former Beijing Guoan captain, was a guest on the”Football 100 Points” program. He talked about the current issue of the referee standard of the Super League. He said that the referee’s sentence was just open-eyed. Xu Yunlong said:I don’t understand. Many people say that they are protecting Shanghai Hong Kong, but everyone knows that Chen Wuyuan is the chairman of the Chinese National Football Team. If he is protecting Shanghai Hong Kong, why is it so obvious?


Ma Yun:Hainan must take on the historical responsibility of exploring new globalization for the world

Original title:Ma Yun, Chairman of Chinese Entrepreneur Club:Hainan must take on the historical responsibility of exploring new globalization for the world. At the meeting, Jack Ma, chairman of the Chinese Entrepreneur Club, founder of the Jack Ma Charity Foundation, advocate of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and partner of Alibaba, gave a wonderful speech.


Discredit China and the WHO again! At the UN General Assembly, the U.S. representative:”feeling disgusted”

It seems that the United States will deliberately continue to hold the “pot” on China as long as it encounters issues related to the new crown epidemic. US President Trump has been alarmist and said some unbelievable things, such as the current situation in the United States. The number of diagnosed diseases such as the number of deaths is China’s fault. Another example is that China concealed their true number of deaths due to new coronary pneumonia.