Pompeo’s trip to Southeast Asia, the play was also performed, and his heart was”sucked”, but his nose was ashamed

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The second wave of the epidemic is fierce. The U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo went from”world number one” to”world number two.” After lobbying in India on October 26 and 27, he hurried to Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Indonesia, and suddenly increased his itinerary to visit Vietnam on the 29th and 30th.

The purpose of Pompeo’s trip to Southeast Asia is very clear:to sow discord between these countries and China. After a few days of the trip, Pompeo can be said to have broken his leg and exhausted his mouth. But at present, his”anti-China roadshow” that is about to come to an end is not very effective.


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On October 27th, Pompeo and Esper met with Indian Prime Minister Modi

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Look at India first.

Pompeo’s greatest achievement in India is that the US-India governments signed the”Geographic Space Cooperation Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement.” Indian strategic observers claim that this will allow the United States to share sensitive satellites and Sensory data helps India use its missiles to accurately strike military targets.

In India, Pompeo did his best to blow the”rainbow fart”, claiming that India is the most important partner of the United States in the Indo-Pacific region, using various gorgeous adjectives to describe the enthusiasm of the United States and India He also promised to help India become a permanent member of the Security Council and support India in dealing with China.

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India-U.S. defense minister and foreign minister sign agreement (video screenshot)

Of course, it’s not enough to just say it, you need a full set of plays. Pompeo also deliberately visited a cemetery in New Delhi and, with the cooperation of the photographer, gave a wreath of”big acting”. To commemorate the 20 Indian soldiers who died in the conflict in the Kalwan River Valley provoked by India on June 15. Pompeo said at the press conference that “when the national sovereignty and freedom of the Indian people are threatened”, the United States will “stand with them”.

Next is the routine link-to slander China, the rhetoric is naturally the old one:China is blamed for the new crown epidemic, China is blamed for border disputes, China is blamed for regional tensions… In short, China is all to blame. After all, Only by establishing a common enemy can we talk to you about cooperating”to deal with the Chinese Communist Party’s threat to security and freedom, and to promote peace and stability in the entire region.”

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However, India’s response is very subtle. Although the Sino-Indian border issue has not yet been completely resolved, India is not stupid. It knows what the United States is doing, and it also knows the consequences of turning to the United States. Therefore, the Indian side avoids directly mentioning China. Indian Foreign Minister Su Jaishan stated that India and the United States “reaffirmed the importance of peace, stability and prosperity to all countries in the region”. Indian Defense Secretary Singh said that”maintaining territorial and sovereign integrity” is of vital importance to any country.”

In short:The United States is very enthusiastic and India is very careful. Even the US media believe that India retains There is room for”I don’t want to be a lightning rod and draw all the dangers to myself.”

If Pompeo hit a soft nail in India, then when he came to Sri Lanka, he could say he touched directly. A nose is gray.

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On October 28, Pompeo and Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Gunawardna were in Colombo. Held a meeting

According to the Hindu newspaper, Pompeo and his party arrived in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka on the evening of the 27th, and met with the President of Sri Lanka on the morning of the 28th. Rajapaksa and Foreign Minister Gunawadna and other senior officials held talks. When the foreign ministers of the two countries jointly met with reporters, Gunawadna took the lead and first made a speech saying that Sri Lanka is willing Cooperating with all friendly countries,”Sri Lanka is a neutral, non-aligned, and peaceful country.”

Is this not obvious enough? What’s more, before Pompeo arrived in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka’s political parties and people Members of the Liberation Front gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in Colombo on the 27th to oppose their visit. The People’s Liberation Front issued a statement stating, “The people of Sri Lanka will take all measures to resist the American conspiracy and defend their country’s sovereignty. ”

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Sri Lanka People’s Liberation Front protested against Pompeo’s visit

Pompeo gave full play to his thick-skinned”advantages” and still vilified China at press conferences. In response, the Sri Lankan”AsiaNews Network” simply published an article by an anonymous senior diplomatic official with the title”Pompeo’s The routine doesn’t work in Sri Lanka.” It said that the Sri Lankan President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister will politely reject Pompeo’s proposal at the meeting.

In the Maldives, Pompeo changed his routine and announced that the United States would The embassy was opened in the country on the grounds that the country “has an increasingly important role in the affairs of the Indo-Pacific region.” He also warned the Maldives, where the tourism industry has developed, to be alert to China’s “illegal and threatening behavior”, saying that China has discarded Marine debris harms other countries. However, Pompeo’s remarks overturned the car on the Internet. Many netizens in the comment area urged the Maldivian people to be wary of the United States,”If the devil wants to enter the Maldives, the people of this country should be vigilant.”The American dictator is coming, watch out.” ”

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Indonesia was originally the last of Pompeo’s trip In Indonesia, Pompeo continued to advocate the “China threat”, claiming that their “law-abiding countries” would reject China’s claims in the South China Sea, and that the United States would look for a “new way” of cooperation with Indonesia in the South China Sea. Paeo’s”performance” was not bought by Indonesia. Indonesia’s Jakarta Post previously stated that”if Trump If re-election fails, all the agreements and promises reached by Pompeo during this visit will be meaningless. Biden will focus on dealing with the chaotic American internal affairs”;”If Trump wins, Pompeo may also be replaced, more importantly However, after realizing his impulse, Trump may forget or just ignore his promise.” It seems that the Indonesian media really knows the United States.

On October 28, Vietnam’s diplomacy The Ministry suddenly announced that Pompeo plans to visit Vietnam from the 29th to the 30th. According to Reuters, Vietnam has not been included in Pompeo’s itinerary for this trip to Asia. As the rotating presidency, Pompeo’s visit to Vietnam must be more hard-working.

However, the final result must be that Pompeo ran such a lap, exhausted his tongue, and performed enthusiastically. Nor can we win over a country that is willing to follow the Trump administration to deal with China. As our Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a press conference on the 28th, Pompeo’s distorted and discredited words cannot obliterate China’s adherence to peaceful development and cooperation. The fact of win-win situation cannot stop China from realizing the general trend of national rejuvenation. China is an opportunity rather than a threat, a partner rather than an opponent. This is the consensus of most countries in the world.