Premier League Roundup|”Merseyside Derby” Draw, Liverpool Dissatisfied with Penalty

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Xinhua News Agency, London, October 17th (Reporter Wei Zhang) The”Merseyside Derby” on the 17th sparks everywhere, Everton In the end, the defending champion Liverpool drew 2:2 at home, and the Premier League started this season with 4 wins and 1 draw to remain unbeaten. However, the referee’s two key penalties caused strong dissatisfaction with Liverpool. It is said that the”Red Army” has applied for a”retrial” in the Premier League.

At Goodison Park that day, Liverpool took the lead with Mane’s outflank shot in just 3 minutes of the opening. But it didn’t take long for the”Red Army” to suffer heavy losses. Everton goalkeeper Pickford knocked down Van Dijk when the Dutch defender came out. In 11 minutes had to leave due to injury.

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The picture shows Van Dijk (right) was tackled by Everton goalkeeper Pickford (second from right) and left the field injured. Xinhua News Agency issued

Since then, the home team’s central defender Keane took advantage of a corner kick and scored with a header. The two teams returned to the same starting line 1:1 in the 19th minute. In the second half, Salah’s volley from the penalty area helped Liverpool take the lead again, but the hot Everton striker Calvert Luin hit the header in the 81st minute and the two teams split again.

Next, Richard Leeson received a red card for a foul against Thiago, and Everton was forced to challenge with 10 people. At the last moment, Liverpool thought that Henderson scored to help them kill their opponents, but VAR (Video Assistant Referee) recognized Mane as an assist Offside first, the game ended 2:2.

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The picture shows Henderson (right) celebrating after the goal, and then the VAR (video assistant referee) judged (because teammate Mane was offside first) that the goal was invalid. Xinhua News Agency issued

Liverpool coach Klopp after the game bluntly said that he couldn’t understand the two key penalties. First of all, Pickford’s attack on Van Dijk obviously deserves a penalty for Liverpool.”Then I saw the flag Raise it and call (Van Dijk) offside. Even so, I think I should (use VAR) to see if it fouled, but it didn’t.”

Speaking of Mane being sentenced to offside, the German coach also said that he couldn’t see it at all, and he accepted 10 interviews after the game. Everyone told him that it was not offside. It won’t make me feel better.”

On the same day, Manchester City played at home against Arsenal, with Sterling winning 1-0 with a supplementary shot in the first half opponent. Chelsea and the visiting Southampton had an evolutionary ball battle, and the final 3:3 match. Manchester United gave their opponents an Oolong gift at the beginning of the match and defeated Newcastle United 4:1, with Maguire in the first half”Red Devils” scored the equalizer, and Manchester United’s other three goals were completed within 10 minutes from the 86th minute.

On the 18th, Tottenham will host West Ham United, and Leicester City will face Aston Villa.

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