Ronaldo was criticized as being selfish for his”extreme foul language” on nucleic acid testing! Recently European football has frequently seen”false positives” causing controversy

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In the second round of the UEFA Champions League group stage that ended in the early morning of October 29, the”new crown” became the focus of the game. After being infected with the new crown virus 14 days later, he still did not heal, so he missed the direct conversation with Messi early this morning.”Foul language” expressed dissatisfaction with the current nucleic acid testing in European football.

Although Ronaldo’s remarks have been widely criticized, there have been many cases of”false positive” tests by players in European football recently, resulting in misdiagnosed players not being able to play, and the club’s record loss . Before Lazio’s visit to Bruges in the Champions League early this morning, more than a dozen players, including many of the main players, tested positive in UEFA and had to transfer echelon players to sign up. But before the game, it was also found that some players were false”Positive”, which caused the Lazio team doctor to question UEFA testing.

How to avoid”false positives” in the test as much as possible may be the next issue that UEFA and major European leagues need to face in the epidemic prevention work.

C Ronaldo was dissatisfied with nucleic acid testing and caused widespread criticism on social platforms

C Ronaldo was still unable to turn negative 14 days after being infected with the new coronavirus. Missed the opportunity to talk to Messi again in the early morning of October 29th in the Champions League between Juventus and Barcelona, ​​and ultimately lacked Ronaldo’s Juventus0 to 2 defeat to Barcelona, ​​Messi scored a penalty in stoppage time. Watching the old opponent’s lore to secure the victory, he was powerless, and his teammate Morata was blown out of all three goals in this game, Ronaldo was also extremely depressed. Before this game, Ronaldo expressed his dissatisfaction after he was determined to be unable to recruit Messi, and posted a photo of himself on social media with a text:”I feel great and healthy now. Come on. Juventus!”

But many netizens found that Ronaldo also left a comment in his own dynamic comment area (see the picture below):”PCR (nucleic acid testing) is just nonsense!”

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=a1d35712170fd1da0b829ef628523d03 - Ronaldo was criticized as being selfish for his"extreme foul language" on nucleic acid testing! Recently European football has frequently seen"false positives" causing controversy

Obviously, Ronaldo is a bit anxious that his nucleic acid test has not turned negative, and even doubts the accuracy of the test results. Although Ronaldo quickly deleted this message, no The Italian media still criticized Ronaldo, believing that he ignored the epidemic prevention work and was too selfish. The Italian media”Football Market” wrote an article:”C Ronaldo has 241 million followers on the × social platform and is the world’s most influential. One of his famous celebrities, which makes his every move on social media has destructive power. Ronaldo should realize that his social media activities are not only commercial but also social, and he must take on special responsibilities. Ronaldo wants to participate in the match with Barcelona. This feeling is understandable, but it also reflects his selfishness. He only pays attention to his own game, but ignores that many people die in the new crown, and many people can’t play at all. Detection. Ronaldo doesn’t care about the pain from other parts of the world. Although he deleted the comment, he will not apologize.”

C Ronaldo should be criticized, but the frequent occurrence of UEFA nucleic acid test”false positive” incidents does exist

Although Ronaldo’s remarks are indeed It should be criticized, but in recent days European football has indeed seen frequent”false positive” incidents in testing, which has caused great losses to many teams. Previously, Before the UEFA Champions League game between Inter Milan and Borussia Borussia, Inter Milan’s fullback Ashraf was tested positive for the new crown and therefore missed the game, which eventually led to a 2-2 draw at home by Inter Milan. Shraf was a”false positive”, and the next few tests were negative, which made Inter very angry. Inter Milan CEOMarotta In an interview with Sky Sports Italy, said:“Ashraf was still negative on the morning of the test, and was positive in the afternoon. We are forced to accept his decision to absent, and of course we will feel disappointed and regretful. So we hope that UEFA will be more accurate in future communications.”

Recently, when the Italian national team is preparing for the UEFA Europa League match, Salavi also has a”false positive” in UEFA testing. Bayern’s important offensive player Gnabry is in The test result before the UEFA Champions League and Atletico Madrid was positive, and he was immediately quarantined and missed the UEFA Champions League group stage with Atletico Madrid. However, Gnabry’s results were all tested by the Munich Health Department afterwards. It is negative, so the Munich health department also believes that the previous UEFA test should be a”false positive” and approved Gnabry to lift the isolation and resume training.

The Lazio team doctor just finished questioning the team. More than a dozen people were infected with the new crown, and the result was a”false positive”

In the early morning of October 29, Lazio also received a large number of players in the UEFA nucleic acid test. The positive for the new crown resulted in only 12 people participating in the pre-match training. Coach Inzaghi also admitted in the pre-match press conference that Immobile, Pereira, Alberto, Lucas Reva, and St. Players such as Lakosha, Lazari, Luis Felipe, Qatardi, Escalante, Anderson and Armini tested positive in UEFA this Monday and were forced to stay in Italy for isolation. Did not follow the team to Belgium to challenge Bruges away, so that Lazio had to select echelon members to make up the entry list.

Lazio’s team doctor Rodia accepted the Lazio club before the game against Bruges. In an interview with the official radio station, he questioned UEFA’s nucleic acid test. He said:“According to UEFA’s epidemic prevention agreement, the team conducted a throat swab test two days before the game. During the test on Monday, some situations emerged. In order to protect everyone’s health, the club immediately sent the suspected cases back to their homes, but we still have some questions about the test results.”

Rhodia is worried that the large-scale outbreak of positive cases of players is similar to the”false positives” of Ashraf, Gnabry and others, because in the pre-Serie A test last weekend , Did not find this phenomenon. At that time, Lazio also defeated Bologna 2-1 at home in the league. Immobile and Alberto, who are currently tested positive, also scored goals at the time. Rodia said:” We believe that UEFA’s throat swab test and Serie A test are carried out in different laboratories, and the laboratory used by UEFA may be more sensitive to test results and more prone to errors.”

As a result, after Rodia’s voice, Lazio midfielder Pereira, who tested positive before, was found to be a”false positive” in the pre-match retest, which allowed him to go quickly. Belgium reinforced the team and came off the bench in the match against Bruges. In the end, Lazio, lacking a large number of main players, drew 1-1 with Bruges away. If there is still a”false positive” like Pereira among other Lazio players , They do have reasons to complain about UEFA’s test results.

Not only are there errors in UEFA’s tests, there are also many”false positives” in the German league

In fact, it is not only the error in UEFA’s test, but there are also many cases of “false positive” test results for the new crown in the German league-the German second team Würzburg kicker on October 23 In the team’s new crown test, a player and two coaches tested positive and were immediately isolated and unable to participate in the game. However, after the team lost 1-3 to Hamburg, they received a notification from the laboratory responsible for the new crown test:October The test result on the 23rd was a”false positive”! The whole team was tested again the next day, and the results were all negative. Another German second team, Heidenheim, also reported that 6 players had”false positives”. , The German-C team Munich Turkish Forces canceled the subsequent league due to 3 positive test results, but then it was also found to be a”false positive”.

According to the Robert Koch Institute of the German CDC It was revealed that in the past few weeks, there has been a backlog of test samples in many German laboratories, which may be one of the reasons for the frequent occurrence of”false positives.” Before the Europa League, the European League, the European preliminaries, as well as the European women’s football matches and youth competitions, all the team members are tested. The sample size can be imagined. Although there are objective reasons for the error, the detection error caused by this It has indeed brought great losses to the teams. This is also the issue that UEFA and European leagues need to face in the epidemic prevention.

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