Scientists reveal how the”farthest celestial body””slims down”

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  How difficult is it to lose weight? Anyone who has tried it knows that if you are lazy, you may rebound. Today (22nd) the reporter learned from the Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that Chinese and foreign scientists have discovered that a celestial body far away from the edge of the solar system has taken several years to finally lose weight.

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   slimming successfully The celestial body is a primitive celestial body in the edge of the solar system Kuiper Belt, and it is also the oldest and oldest one observed by humans at close range. Celestial body. So scientists gave it a name:”The End of the World”.

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   Chinese Academy of Sciences Purple Mountain Associate researcher Zhao Yuhui of the Astronomical Observatory told reporters:”We have recently detected that the small celestial body’Tianya Haijiao’ is not only composed of two parts, one large and one small, but both parts are obviously flat.”

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p style=”text-align:start”>   With the subsequent enrichment of observational data, scientists We discovered that this celestial body was actually a thin”snowman”. Zhao Yuhui said:”We started with the volatilization of volatile substances on it, and found that due to some of its rotation and orbit characteristics, considering the mechanism by which volatile substances would run away under the action of solar radiation, we discovered the polar regions at both ends of the celestial body. , Because there is a lot of solar radiation, the matter volatilizes quickly, but in the equatorial region, the solar radiation is relatively small, and more matter can be retained, causing the celestial body to become flat. img”>getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=54713e4bbbbf686e565cc5c8f94987f1 - Scientists reveal how the"farthest celestial body""slims down"

   expert analysis,”Tianya Haijiao” is an ice celestial body, Its surface temperature is extremely low, just like a super big”snowman”, because of the special rotation mode, the sides of the snowman’s body gradually become thinner.

   helps to explore the early formation and evolution of celestial bodies in the solar system

  According to the data analysis, the process of”Slimming” of”The End of the World” occurred between 1 million and 100 million years after its formation. This is almost the starting point for the development of the solar system, and many ancient icy celestial bodies may have a similar evolutionary history. Therefore, the interpretation of the detection data and the study of some of its information, physical and chemical properties are considered to be a good opportunity for people to understand the formation and evolution of early celestial bodies in the solar system.


p style=”text-align:start”>   (Source:Jiangsu Radio and Television Media News Center/Lu Yingying Editor/Guozheng)