Shi Qi is expensive-“meteorite” falling from the sky

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Before human beings reach the moon and get rocks from the moon, the only non-earth stones we can see and get are meteorites. Meteorites fall from the sky, there are rocks in the sky, and its landing is rather like an unexpected visitor. All of these have brought a sense of magic to ancient humans and a sense of mystery of heavenly power. For modern people, meteorites are specimens of celestial stones sent to us directly from space. They seem to have been specially sent to us for research purposes in order to allow us to better understand the universe. Because meteorites can give people this sense of mystery, power and scientific research, coupled with their rarity, meteorites have always been valued by countries and individuals. Once discovered, they are treasured by countries or individuals. For lovers of strange stones, meteorites are regarded as strange (extra-terrestrial stones), and they are also given to be hidden in the house. They can be blessed by God and resist the invasion of evil forces. It is a magical color gifted by God. It is a kind of auspicious thing, so Westerners like to collect meteorites, and a new profession {meteorite hunter} was created.
The origin of the meteorites seen on the earth is that when some stars approach the earth, they enter the atmosphere at a high speed of 1070 km/s under the gravity of the earth. They are called meteorites, which are usually 145~110 km away. Friction and combustion at high altitude with the atmosphere. The temperature can be as high as 2000~3000℃, and the unburned residual objects fall to the earth. It is a meteorite.
Meteorites are divided into stone meteorites, iron meteorites and stone-iron meteorites according to their composition. There are also glass meteorites.

1. Stony meteorite: It is the most descended type, it is silicate mineral, and some are inlaid with spherical particles, called chondrite. The appearance of a stony meteorite is similar to that of ordinary rocks, and it is not easy to identify. You can use a microscope to see its details to see if there are traces of burning or friction.

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Stone meteorite

2. Iron meteorite:Also called meteorite iron, it is composed of iron and nickel. There are square meteorite iron, octagonal meteorite iron, etc. Because it is iron, it is generally larger, so it is easier to find, but it falls The number only accounts for 6%of the fallen meteorites.

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Iron meteorite

3. Stony-iron meteorite: Also called meteorite, it is a relatively rare type of meteorite. Its composition is a mixture of iron, nickel and basic silicate. The main minerals are olivine and various pyroxenes. Stony-iron meteorite The number of falling meteorites is also small, accounting for only 2~4%of the total number of meteorites falling.

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Stone-iron meteorite

4. Glass meteorite:is one of the stone meteorites. A glassy colloid is often seen on the fracture surface. It is also a A kind of natural glass. The”Leigongmo” often found on Hainan Island and Leizhou Peninsula is considered by some geologists to be glass meteorites. Huo Gongmo is black spherical, hemispherical, oblate, dumbbell-shaped, drop-shaped body, with common molten holes on the surface, with a hardness of 5.5-6.5, capable of scratching glass, and a specific gravity of 2.34-2.51. Because it is a colloidal glass-like body, it has good luster and hardness after polishing, so some people process it into gems for sale. There are many theories about the cause of”Lei Gongmo”. The geologist and expert on gems and jade, Mr. Luan Bingping, uses silicon dioxide as its main ingredient. However, there is no high siliceous rock in Leizhou Peninsula, and he tends to think that it is a kind of alien, that is, a kind of meteorite. Some people think it may come from the moon. Currently, Lei Gongmo can see a small number, and its existence is very scattered and difficult to find. It can be regarded as one of the famous stones of Hainan and Guangdong. It is very valuable for collection and enjoyment.

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