Song Luzheng:Why was the White House being captured by the new crown virus?

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[Article/Observer Network Columnist Song Luzheng]

From the diagnosis to the hurried discharge, the world has spent nearly ten months on the new coronavirus that has not been defeated. Trump only uses After three days, it had to be amazing.

What’s even more surprising is that there was no contact tracing work after the nomination ceremony of the justices called the”super spreading incident.” It is no wonder that the latest issue of”Time” used the horrifying picture of”The White House’s”Poison Spray””:

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So, how did the United States get to where it is today? We might as well sort out how the United States responded to the epidemic.

It is very interesting that the United States’ fight against the epidemic started by praising China’s performance. On January 17, David Wesler, a coronavirus researcher at the University of Washington, stated that the public “should not panic now”. He also stated that China’s response measures were “very efficient”:“In a few weeks, China will be able to identify the virus, isolate and sort it, and share relevant information.”

1 On the 23rd, President Donald Trump issued a message saying that, on behalf of the American people, thank the leader of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping and thank the People’s Republic of China for its efforts to fight the epidemic.

The president and medical professionals have highly affirmed China’s performance, because firstly, this is a fact, and secondly, there is a need to calm the domestic people’s psychology. As long as China controls it, in their view, it will not spread to the United States, and there is no need to make much preparation. This also let them relax their vigilance somewhat.

In January, Bright, then the director of the US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency, gave an early warning of the new coronavirus, accusing the US government of overestimating the threat of the epidemic. However, he was treated with hostility by the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services Alex Hazard and other senior officials of the agency, suppressing his warnings and demanding him to obey government orders. Finally, Bright was removed from the post of Director of BARDA.

On February 10, at a campaign rally in New Hampshire, Trump pointed out that the new crown virus, like other seasonal flu, will automatically disappear as the temperature rises when summer comes. . A few weeks later, on February 28, Trump repeated this topic at an event in the White House. He emphasized,”One day it will disappear. It is like a miracle. We know that the situation gets better and better, and then it gets better.”

At that time, there were fewer than 60 confirmed cases in the United States. . Trump emphasized that the virus will disappear automatically, mainly to make excuses for not requiring stricter isolation control. Looking back now, it was Trump’s unruly prevention and control policies that caused the United States to miss the best anti-epidemic window period in February. The virus spread in the United States for more than a month and finally became uncontrollable.

That is, in February, U.S. Health Secretary Hazard was questioned in Congress for the first time. He claimed that the possibility of a new crown epidemic in the United States is very low.

On February 26, U.S. President Trump appointed Vice President Mike Pence to lead the nation’s response to the epidemic, clearly stipulating that no one may release information about the epidemic without Pence’s consent.

On the same day, Trump firmly believed that”the risk to Americans is still very low” and that”we are ready.” Trump commented that he does not think the spread of the coronavirus across the country is “inevitable”, which is contrary to what his own health officials said. He also criticized the media for making”coronavirus look bad and cause market panic.”

On the same day, Trump delivered a speech at a rally, calling the coronavirus a”new scam” by the Democratic Party. A day later, he stated that he was actually saying that the”scam” was a response to the government that the Democrats accused him of when he said”we did so well.”

On this day, compared to South Korea, which has conducted more than 35,000 nucleic acid tests, except for Americans who took evacuation flights, the United States only conducted nucleic acid tests on 426 people.

On February 28, the media reported that the slow test was due to the fact that the CDC rejected the internationally accepted World Health Organization COVID-19 testing guidelines and tried to develop a test product on its own; the results proved that the product was not reliable, Most laboratories were not allowed to conduct tests until February 26.

On February 29th, the Texas Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mistakenly lifted a patient with new coronary pneumonia infection from isolation. The patient was an evacuate American citizen from Wuhan. The state’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested negative for two times and was released from quarantine. During the release of the quarantine, its activities tracked throughout San Antonio’s hotels, shopping centers and other places. The third test result was positive on March 1, and the isolation was restored again.

On March 2, Trump informed the media that he heard that vaccines may be available”in a few months.” On the same day, CDC removed the statistics on the number of people tested in the United States on its official website. Like the United Kingdom, the US government abandoned statistics on the epidemic.

On the same day, New York State held a press conference to inform the state of the new crown pneumonia situation in the state. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the first confirmed case in New York State was not treated in a hospital,”because 80%of the new crown Pneumonia cases will heal on their own without going to the hospital.” This statement was questioned by the government’s”understatement” of the epidemic.

The survey on March 3 showed that only 63%of the medical staff interviewed were issued with N95 masks, and only 30%of the interviewees said that their employers had sufficient personal protective equipment stocks.

On March 4, Trump suggested that”thousands of people” can continue to work without receiving any treatment or rest. However, the CDC recommends that patients should”avoid going to work, school or public places” and those with symptoms should inform medical staff.

On March 6, Trump said at a press conference held at the headquarters of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta that he had never heard of anyone who died of the flu. Afterwards, various media published articles stating that his grandfather Frederick Trump died of the 1918 flu pandemic.

On March 9, Trump wrote on social media that 37,000 people died of common flu in the United States in 2019, but everything has not stopped, and life and economy continue. The death rate of the new coronavirus is not much higher than that of seasonal flu, and there is no need to make special arrangements.

Trump also publicly questioned the World Health Organization’s claim that the death rate from new coronary pneumonia is about 3.4%, and believes it is not accurate. He emphasized that the number of virus tests carried out by other countries is too small and a large number of infections. The victims were not discovered in time, which artificially increased the mortality rate. But as of April 24, the death rate in the United States has exceeded 5.7%.

On March 11, the New York Times disclosed that administrative personnel at all levels of the government refused to conduct coronavirus tests on influenza samples collected in their laboratory by Seattle infection expert Helen Y. Zhu based on ethical issues. This led to the spread of the epidemic in the Seattle area.

On March 12, the United States announced that it would provide free coronavirus testing across the United States.

On March 13, the United States entered a state of national emergency, but the response to the epidemic remained chaotic. It was also on this day that Holden Thorpe, the editor-in-chief of Science at the time, criticized Washington for distorting the situation in the United States in a magazine excerpt and asked Trump to”do us a favor” to respect science.

On March 19, Trump stated that the anti-malaria drug chloroquine had been approved by the FDA for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia, but was denied by the FDA.

On March 21st, Trump made recommendations to medical workers at the White House’s new coronavirus briefing, saying that masks can be”cleaned and reused” instead of”one-time use.”

On the evening of April 5, some medical staff at the Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, USA, after requesting the hospital to send more nurses to the overloaded emergency room, they refused to continue. Work, and the hospital agreed to their resignation. According to a doctor at Sinai-Grace Hospital, night nurses in the hospital said that unless the hospital asks more nurses to help, they do not plan to enter the emergency room to continue working. After four hours of careful consideration, the hospital’s management made a decision:They will not hire more staff, and these striking nurses can choose to continue to work or resign. Some medical staff then chose to leave the hospital.

The United States CBS reported on April 6 that the current epidemic situation in the United States is facing a shortage of medical staff, but many hospitals have had to lay off staff due to sharp decline in income. Under the crisis of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many hospitals had to lay off staff due to difficulties in revenue and expenditure, thus falling into an endless loop. The survey showed that some hospitals had to stop other operations because they admitted patients with new coronary pneumonia, which directly led to a sharp drop in hospital income. In order to reduce operating costs, the hospital had to save money through temporary layoffs.

On the same day, CBS reporter David Bergnard was interviewing the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the ICU of a Brooklyn hospital in New York. On the same day, he wore very strict protective clothing and a mask. , Mask and gloves. The nurse said:”I want the same protective mask and protective clothing as you. I hope all of us have it.” David asked,”What are you wearing, like a garbage bag.” She said that she was wearing garbage. bag. David said that many medical staff in the hospital did not have enough protective equipment. After the interview, he disinfected his protective mask and sent it to the nurse.

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During a video interview with David Bergnard, the nurse wore a garbage bag

On April 6, local media in New Jersey reported that Somerset County The 35,000 N95 and medical surgical masks ordered by the medical staff were requisitioned by the federal government, and they were not informed of the reason and whereabouts of the confiscated materials. On the day when the supplies were about to arrive, the Somerset County Emergency Management Office suddenly received a call from the supplier and was told that the order had been taken away.

According to a report by the Los Angeles Times on April 7, in the past week, hospitals and clinics in seven states in the United States revealed in interviews that their supplies or orders were intercepted and expropriated by the federal government. The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency has not disclosed these”acquisitions”, nor has it explained in detail the reasons, scope and destination of the confiscated materials.

On April 8, photographer George Steinmetz used a drone to take a series of photos, recording the phenomenon of a large number of corpses buried in Hart Island in New York City. He was therefore prosecuted by the New York police; the police confiscated his drone on the spot, citing”as evidence in court”.

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A picture of Hart Island taken by a drone. Photo source:Reuters

According to a report by the Chicago Sun Times on April 23, Illinois Governor Pritzker organized a charter flight secretly from abroad in order to avoid possible seizure of supplies by the federal government Shipped back millions of masks and gloves. Pritzker’s press secretary, Alberti, said in an interview:“The supply chain has become like a pioneering era in the west. Even if we buy supplies, we must ensure that our state actually gets it. That’s another arduous effort.” Pritzker also described that in order to obtain personal protective equipment and other items from overseas, a fierce bidding war must be launched with the federal government and the states.

In other words, the United States not only intercepts medical supplies from other countries, but also domestically. The confusion in material distribution and procurement is evident.

On April 23, Trump stated at the daily epidemic briefing that “assuming light enters the body through the skin or other means, light can kill the new coronavirus in one minute, which is very powerful. Scientists We can try to illuminate the body with ultraviolet light or strong light.” Trump also asked”Do we have a way to do this by injecting disinfectant in the body?””The disinfectant wipes out the virus in one minute. Is there a way to inject disinfectant? Because you can see the virus enter the lungs. Later, it had a huge impact on the lungs, so it would be interesting to confirm this method.” As a result, four Americans died because of the disinfectant injected into the body, and more people were hospitalized. Two days after the scandal, on April 25, the White House announced the cancellation of an epidemic briefing.

During the epidemic, Trump and Vice President Pence basically did not wear masks. It was not until May 21 that Trump visited the Ford Motor Factory in Michigan to wear a mask (Ford Motors requires all visitors to enter the factory to wear a mask). However, in front of the media camera, he directly took off his mask, saying that he”does not want the media to be happy because he saw him wearing a mask”, setting a very bad example.

In May, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a report written by Chief Deputy Director Shuhart and others, analyzing the mistakes behind the accelerated spread of the US epidemic. The report believes that there are four major factors contributing to the accelerated spread of the epidemic in the United States:the US government’s failure to issue travel restrictions outside of China in a timely manner has led to a continuous increase in imported cases; failure to restrict large-scale gatherings in time; lack of protective measures; and insufficient testing. From the perspective of medical science, the outbreak in the United States has nothing to do with China.

On May 18, in the WHO resolution entitled”COVID-19 response”, all countries that agreed to”investigate the source of the virus” included China, Russia, Australia, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the African Union. Wait, there is no America alone. The resolution was passed on May 18, and the Trump administration only announced the suspension of ties with the WHO on May 29. Obviously for unknown reasons, the United States refused to cooperate in investigating the origin of the virus. The United States has been clamoring to trace the origin of the virus, but why did it completely change when it took action? And only 11 days after the WHO passed the decision to investigate the source of the virus, did the United States announce its withdrawal?

On June 19, four nurses in Athens, Georgia, USA accused them of falsifying the nucleic acid test results of the new coronary pneumonia in the “Landmark Hospital” where they worked. The hospital deliberately manipulated the test results to cover up the epidemic situation in the hospital:”When they find that someone has tested positive, they will do the test again and make the result negative, and then they will say that the previous one was a false positive.”

On July 4th, in his speech on National Day at the White House, Trump said astonishingly that”99%of confirmed cases in the United States are completely harmless.” This sudden remark caused heated debate among the public, and not only Public health scholars are dissatisfied, and White House epidemic prevention officials are unwilling to endorse this statement.

On August 31, Trump reposted a post on Twitter that”the death toll from the new crown is actually only 9,000″, claiming that”Covid-19 is the only cause of death, accounting for all deaths.”6%of cases”, and believe that the remaining 94%of patients will die because”they have other diseases.” Then Fauci, an infectious disease expert, corrected this statement in a TV show.

In September, American journalist Bob Woodward disclosed in his new book that Trump deliberately played down the epidemic when he knew the disease was dangerous. In an interview with Woodward, Trump stated that doing so can avoid public panic.

Although the US government and officials have repeatedly played down the epidemic, how do politicians do it in private? Richard Ball, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, revealed at a private gathering on February 27 that”the current epidemic may resemble the 1918 influenza pandemic.” According to a survey by ProPublica, Richard Burr has sold a large number of stocks in mid-February. After investigation by the US media, it was found that some members of the party who participated in the gathering also sold a large number of stocks before the outbreak in the United States.

As for the American people, there are many absurd things.

On March 15th, a woman in the United States released a video. She leaned over to lick the toilet seat in an airplane toilet. Then the woman wrote the video:”Please forward this video so people can know how Maintain hygiene on the plane.” This video of licking the toilet seat has been watched more than 3 million times since it was released, and it has been imitated by many people. The woman also said on Twitter that “coronavirus is only for the poor”, “I will not contract the coronavirus because rich blonde girls are immune”, “I’m very happy that the coronavirus can treat all elderly people people gave out walking, I hope the next infection is me, so that I will never ugly”,” I just want to get ‘Bitch’ more attention than this coronavirus, coronavirus because there is enough heat, so I took advantage of it. Now I am all over the world, and my mother is proud of me.”

On March 26, a woman deliberately coughed into food worth 35,000 U.S. dollars in a supermarket chain in Pennsylvania, causing the food to be thrown away. The person in charge of the supermarket regarded this behavior as a”perverted prank” and said that wasting food when the epidemic caused food shortages was”shameful”. The police said they would bring charges against the woman.

On May 4, a security guard at a store in Flint, Michigan, asked customers to wear masks in accordance with state regulations, but the customer refused to cooperate and had a dispute with the security guard. The security guard was shot and killed.

The last thing I want to say is that the US intelligence system is extremely developed, leading the world. ABC reported on April 8 that four people familiar with the matter revealed that as early as late November 2019, intelligence officials from the National Medical Intelligence Center had repeatedly warned the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon and the White House of an infection. The disease is sweeping the Wuhan area of ​​China. The report also believes that the Wuhan epidemic may turn into a catastrophic event. Once the epidemic goes out of control, it will pose a serious threat to the US military’s deployment in Asia.

Other people familiar with the matter said that intelligence officials had repeatedly briefed the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon Joint Staff and the White House as early as the end of November. Throughout December, the government including the National Security Council Departments are holding briefings repeatedly on this issue. Until January 2020, US President Trump began to receive daily briefings on the development of the epidemic. However, the White House ignored such clear warning signs and not only failed to follow the established pandemic response plan. The government’s efficiency in pre-epidemic prevention is also very slow. The White House National Security Council and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence declined to comment, and the Pentagon issued a statement on April 8 denying the existence of the report.

Seeing the above facts, we can easily understand why Trump and his ruling team have been taken down by the virus. During the nomination ceremony of the justices, the elites of the ruling team gathered together, but they did not observe the hygiene distance, and only a few people wore masks. We must know that at this time the United States is already in a state where the number of infections has exceeded 7 million, the deaths have exceeded 200,000, and there are tens of thousands of new outbreaks every day. We can only say that a president who does not take his own safety seriously, how can he take the safety of the people at heart?

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The screenshot of the Daily Mail report shows that after the White House Rose Garden incident, multiple White House officials were infected

From the above facts, we can draw the following conclusions:

First, the outbreak of the epidemic in Europe and the United States has nothing to do with China. On the contrary, China has also won precious time and accumulated valuable experience for them to fight the epidemic, but Europe and the United States have been wasted. We know that Hubei is facing an unknown virus, and all parts of China outside Hubei have Hubei’s experience and can respond correctly and effectively. Regardless of other places, just look at the six neighboring provinces and cities in Hubei:As of October 4, Henan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan, Chongqing, and Shaanxi have confirmed the number of people:1281, 991, 935, 1019, 585. , 413 cases. The death toll was only:22, 6, 1, 4, 6, 3 cases. These six provinces and cities are not smaller than a medium-sized country in the world in terms of population and area, but they have successfully controlled the epidemic, while the West, which is thousands of kilometers or even tens of thousands of kilometers away, is completely out of control. In order to suppress China’s achievements, the West deliberately lifted Taiwan. However, Fujian, which is separated by a gorge, has a population close to twice that of Taiwan. However, Taiwan has confirmed a total of 517 cases and 7 deaths, and Fujian has confirmed 411 cases and only 1 death.

Second, the security of the epidemic in Europe and the United States is a man-made disaster, caused by deliberately downplaying, concealing, deceiving and ignoring the epidemic by the government and politicians. Not only China and the World Health Organization are issuing warnings to them, but their own intelligence systems, diplomatic systems, medical systems, and even officials themselves are repeatedly warning the top decision-makers, but they are completely dereliction of duty, arrogance, and conceit by European and American politicians. It was wasted. So it is normal for the virus to fall into the White House.

But since it is a man-made disaster, why are there no officials in Europe and the United States responsible for it? Those who defend the West may say that if the executive power does not act or act in disorder, Congress will naturally supervise it. Then we can take a look at how Congress supervised:

On October 2nd, US Secretary of Health Hazard conducted a congressional hearing for the second time. Those who have read the previous article should remember that his first time was in February, when he claimed that the possibility of an epidemic in the United States is very low.

At the hearing, he first defended the Trump family for not wearing a mask in the candidate’s first debate. When the two candidates took the stage to pay their respects, Mrs. Biden wore a mask, and the Biden team also wore masks off the court. This is the exact opposite of the Trump camp.

Secondly, the Republicans present again pointed the finger at China instead of the United States’ own problems. For example, the so-called question asked by Republican Congressman Valorski from Indiana:If China had shared the virus sequence with us earlier, wouldn’t so many Americans lose their lives? If China did not stock up on personal protective equipment, wouldn’t so many Americans lose their lives? If China did not let the World Health Organization become corrupted, wouldn’t so many Americans lose their lives? and many more.

It is obvious that the so-called congressional supervision has long evolved into a venue for party struggles and dumping pots. As for the truth and responsibility, they became victims. Even I think the so-called congressional supervision is part of man-made disasters.

Finally, what I want to say is that since Trump came to power, Sino-US competition has been characterized as a system dispute. In March 2019, the European Union also positioned China as an institutional competitor. Although China has always emphasized that China and Europe are partners in cooperation, since the West recognizes this, it might as well look at their respective performances.

In terms of responding to the epidemic, are Europe and the United States really worthy of being China’s opponents? The opponents must at least be evenly matched, but in the face of the epidemic, where can the West compete with China? China faces an unknown virus and closed the book, while the West is a known virus and opened the book. The result is still far inferior to China.

Of course, those defending the West are not convinced, and they think that conclusions cannot be drawn on the basis of a single epidemic. But the fact is that this is not the first time that a pandemic similar to the new crown has occurred. The H1N1 swine flu that originated in Mexico as early as 2009 was already the case. This swine flu epidemic, which has lasted for more than a year, has infected approximately 700 million to 1.4 billion people in 214 countries around the world, and killed approximately 150,000 to 575,000. The United States did its utmost to prevent congestion at the beginning, and gave up changing to herd immunity in just half a month. One is that the economic cost is too high, and the other is that the mortality rate after swine flu arrived in the United States suddenly dropped from 2%to 0.1%. Nonetheless, the epidemic caused 59 million Americans to become ill, 265,000 were hospitalized, and 12,000 died.

At that time, China quickly took measures to isolate all Mexicans in China, and eventually only a few cases of infection. Later, according to a 2013 study, it was found that the RS12252-C gene commonly possessed by Chinese people is more susceptible to H1N1 influenza. Despite its genetic disadvantages, China’s performance is still far better than the United States. In 2009, the United States was closed-book and China was open-book. Their performance is different from the 2019 new crown.

The problem of Western political systems is that the so-called liberals have a clear understanding. A dissident whose father is a famous poet and a famous painter himself first went to Germany to live, but because he could not stand the racial discrimination in daily life, he went to England. In an interview with Radio France Internationale, he bluntly said:

“China has already seen that modern Western leaders are bureaucrats, and these bureaucrats have no ideals and no political vision. China has completely seen the very hypocritical political performance of the West, because these leaders in the West have a short term. Their election as leaders also represents a large interest group, which is just a so-called democratic election.”

Trump was infected with the epidemic and the White House was captured by the virus. This is just another landmark event in the West’s response to the epidemic, but this is far from over. It is time for the West to reflect on its own system.

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