Suo Shuai:We have shown great resilience. Manchester United’s new season starts today

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Live it, October 18th. In the 5th round of the Premier League game early this morning, Beijing time, Manchester United turned 4-1 away from Newcastle. After the game, Manchester United coach Solskjaer accepted an interview with Sky Sports.

“After the defeat on the field, this game is more important. We were behind 0 to 1 in the opening two minutes, which made the situation even more serious. But under the leadership of the inspiring captain , We showed strong resilience and characteristics during the reversal process, and handled the setbacks encountered at the beginning very well.”

“We don’t want to use this as an excuse, but we need to prepare for the pre-season. I hope to get more points before the international game day, but now we know that our new season starts today, because we have adapted to the rhythm of the game, and today’s victory also proves this.”

“The lads are very well united. They know that the team will face a difficult month and look forward to every game. I took a rotation of some players today, and they played an important role after coming off the bench.”