The central bank achieved a net investment of 190 billion yuan this week

By yqqlm yqqlm

The central bank’s open market today will conduct a 7-day reverse repurchase of 100 billion yuan. Since 70 billion yuan of reverse repurchase expires today, a net investment of 30 billion yuan was realized that day.

The Central Bank of China has carried out a total of 510 billion yuan of reverse repurchase operations this week. Because 320 billion yuan of reverse repurchases expired this week, the central bank realized a net investment of 190 billion yuan this week.

Yesterday, the inter-bank market’s capital surface was significantly warmer, and the overnight repurchase rate fell sharply by more than 26bp, and the decline was slightly smaller for seven days due to cross-month. Traders said that in addition to the central bank’s increased support, the end-of-month fiscal investment also helped. Friday is the last trading day in October, and the cross-monthly interest rate for overnight repurchase is expected to rebound, but it will not hinder the smooth cross-month.

Regarding the later trend of the bond market, Jianghai Securities believes that the current deposit certificate interest rate is only gradually peaking, and it is difficult to significantly fall back. The market cannot be too optimistic that the deposit certificate interest rate will drop soon. November may be the best time for the downside of certificate of deposit interest rates. Recently, a chain from the intensified epidemic in overseas markets to increased volatility in financial markets has been formed. Then the intensified volatility of overseas financial markets will inevitably lead to increased volatility of Chinese assets. It is good to grasp this main thread and wait patiently for increased market uncertainty to push bond interest rates downward. Appear.