The countdown is 1 day, the first action of China’s anti-dumping investigation will be triggered, and Australian wine merchants will accelerate delivery

By yqqlm yqqlm

On August 18 this year, the China Liquor Industry Association submitted an anti-dumping investigation application against red wine originating in Australia, which has been formally filed by the Ministry of Commerce. According to the existing rules of the World Trade Organization, the first of our formal actionstrigger pointwill be the 18th of this month, which is 60 days after an investigation was initiated on Australian wine.

As there is only one day left in the countdown and the results of the anti-dumping investigation are about to come out, Australian wine traders are speeding up in order to avoid the worst outcome and also to recover some losses for themselves. Delivery to China, hoping to sell as many products as possible to the Chinese market before the deadline.

This time we are developing a dumping investigation for the Australian wine exhibition , Which includes red wine products in containers of 2 liters or less, which happens to be the main force of original Australian red wine products. Generally speaking, the entire investigation period will expire on August 18 of next year, but once special circumstances occur, the investigation period will be extended to February 18, 2022.

And for Australian wine traders, the most terrifying thing is that after a long investigation period, the other party decides to impose import fees on them, so relatively cheap and high-quality Australian wine is bound to Was devastated. Therefore, all wine traders in Australia are going all out to try to ship the goods to China before the potential trigger date.

It’s not just Australian wine that has been hit. Even the coal that they used to think”is safe and sound” can’t stand alone. Recently, the Australian media circulated a piece of news that some Chinese companies have received a notice from the customs to stop importing Australian coal with immediate effect.

This news immediately made Australian coal exporters panic, because coal is a traditional export product to China for a long time, and China’s share of coal exports cannot be replaced by any other exporting country.

What makes Australia more uneasy is that even this problem It can be resolved in the short term, but once China wants to achieve the goal of”carbon neutrality“, it means that no matter what kind of countermeasures Australia takes in the future China’s strategy and traditional energy exports will all face turbulence. As the second largest economy in purchasing power parity exceeding the United States, we have taken practical actions in recent years to show that the current supply and demand relationship has changed from The seller’s market has become a buyer’s market. Whoever has the strongest purchasing power can gain an advantage in trade relations.

And this is what we got in countless trade conflicts Experience, especially in today’s economic globalization, is more obvious. Therefore, if Australia insists that it can hide under the wings of a superpower and continue to clamor, then he will eventually appreciate what it is like to be targeted by another power, and Australia will also”get what it wants” as the”price” for containing China’s rise. .