The Echo:Van Dijk left the hospital on crutches, Thiago’s right knee is swollen, it is likely that he missed the battle in Jia Mansion

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Live it, October 18, according to the”Liverpool Echo” report, today Liverpool centre back Van Dijk left on crutches The hospital, the club is worried that this player will be absent for a long time.

In Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with Everton, Van Dijk was defeated by the opponent’s goalkeeper Pickford< /span>‘s brutal foul and ended up injured. Van Dijk received a long period of treatment on the sidelines at the time, and then limped off the field. VAR decided not to penalize Pickford.

After the game, Van Dijk went to the hospital for examination. There are rumors that the player has a serious right knee injury and may be absent for 7-8 months, but Liverpool is still waiting for specific examination results.”Echo” stated that the Red Army is worried that Van Dijk will be absent for a long time because of this. Since January 2018, Van Dijk has never missed any Premier League games.

In addition to Van Dijk, Liverpool are still waiting for Thiago’s check result. The Spanish midfielder was fouled by Richardson in the final stage of the game, who was sent off with a red card. Thiago continued to play after Richardson was off the field, but after the final whistle sounded, he said he felt unwell, and there were reports that his right knee was swollen.

From the current situation, Van Dijk and Thiago are likely to be unable to participate in the Champions League group stage of Liverpool’s away game against Ajax.

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