The ironclad beetle’s”unbreakable” revealed:its elytra can withstand 39,000 times its body weight

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China News Service, Beijing, October 22 (Reporter Sun Zifa) The internationally renowned academic journal”Nature” recently published a zoology research paper revealing the secret of the iron beetle’s”impressibility”, claiming that the iron beetle’s exoskeleton is so hard The reason is that it has the structural characteristics and material composition of its anti-extrusion exoskeleton fore wings (called elytra), which can allow the iron beetle to withstand a maximum force of 149 Newtons-about 39,000 times its body weight.

The results of this study help explain why the huge squeezing force can not crush the iron beetle, or it has application value in the construction and engineering fields such as aviation.

According to reports, the iron beetle is a species that inhabits oak trees, mainly found on the west coast of North America. This insect does not have the ability to fly out of danger, but they have squeeze-resistant elytra, that is to say, this insect can withstand the squeeze and spike attacks of predators, even if it is run over by a car.

The corresponding author of the paper and the University of California, Irvine, David Kisailus (David Kisailus) and his colleagues believe that the structural characteristics and material composition of this elytra can make the iron beetle bear the most A force of 149 Newtons (about 39,000 times its body weight). Researchers used advanced microscopes, spectroscopy techniques and mechanical tests to observe a series of interlocking joints in the center of the iron beetle elytra. They found that the geometric structure of these joints and their layered microstructure allow the iron beetle’s exoskeleton to achieve excellent mechanical interlocking and toughness.

In order to test the potential of this geometric structure as a strong mechanical fastener, connecting different materials (such as plastic and metal)-similar to the needs of the aerospace industry for turbine firmware, the author of the paper used this structure to simulate Made a series of joints with metal composite materials, and found that compared with commonly used engineering joints, the joints they designed have greater strength and significantly enhanced toughness. (End)

Source:China News Net