The US Navy’s next-generation destroyer plan is exposed:it is developed on the basis of the Burke class, but the hull is larger and more powerful

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US media recently revealed the US Navy’s next-generation destroyer development plan. According to a report on the”Defense News” website on October 13, a senior U.S. Navy official stated that the U.S. Navy is considering one of its most successful ships-“” class destroyers, a new generation of destroyers is designed and built.

Reported that the U.S. Secretary of Naval Operations, Admiral Michael Gildi, said at a recent naval video conference that this plan can be called”DDG Next”, to build a new hull. Although smaller than the”Zumwalt” class destroyer with a displacement of nearly 16,000 tons, it is still large enough to accommodate a larger weapon and ammunition bay.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=db8e3e4889c651f3b00f7129b933d551 - The US Navy’s next-generation destroyer plan is exposed:it is developed on the basis of the Burke class, but the hull is larger and more powerful

The”Arleigh Burke” class destroyer is the mainstay of the US Navy’s surface combat force.

“I don’t want to build a monster, but I need larger ammunition on board. Library,” Gildi said.”I think the current Flight III”Arleigh Burke” destroyer has limited carrying capacity, so our idea is to design a new destroyer, put the existing technology on the new hull, and over time Combat capabilities are updated and modernized.”

According to the U.S. shipbuilding plan for the next 30 years proposed by the United States in 2020, the U.S. Navy is expected to start purchasing new ships in 2025, but it is not clear that these plans will What are the variables. When U.S. Secretary of Defense Esper spoke a few days ago on the U.S. military’s plan to build”over 500 warships,” he did not mention the development of large surface warships in the future.

Gildy said that in order to avoid another costly failure, such as the cancellation of the US military’s next-generation cruise ship construction plan and the serious shrinking of the”Zumwalt” class destroyer plan, the US Navy is looking back. Its successful”Arleigh Burke” class destroyer program, this warship has been the backbone of the US Navy’s surface operations for the past 30 years.

“So think about the”Arleigh Burke” class destroyer, we first have the hull, and then put the Aegis system on it,” Gildy said.”We deploy reliable weapon systems to the fleet. This is our idea. We continue to call the new ship’DDG’ (missile destroyer), smaller than the’Zumwalt’ class, but equipped with some of the latest equipment.”

The U.S. Navy estimates that the U.S. Navy needs 22 billion U.S. dollars per year based on the dollar value in 2019. Implementation of its old ship renovation plan, and the Congressional Budget Office increased this estimate by more than 30%. According to the US Congressional Research Institute, the main reason for the difference between the Congressional Budget Office and the US Navy’s estimates is the cost of future large surface warships.

Reported that the emergence of hypersonic missile is the driving factor for the US Navy’s hope to deploy a new large surface warship , Because this weapon is not suitable for the current”Arleigh Burke” class destroyers and”Ticonderoga” class cruisers Vertical weapon launch unit. The payload module suitable for launching hypersonic missiles was authorized to be installed on the Block V”Virginia” class nuclear submarine last year.

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