Tianwen-1 completed the third midway correction of orbit

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=740219a974c6ffa06a14a9d45a26661a - Tianwen-1 completed the third midway correction of orbitThe picture shows the track diagram of Tianwen No.1. (Photo courtesy of National Space Administration)

The reporter learned from the National Space Administration at 22:00 on October 28, 2020 Under the control of the flight control team of my country’s first Mars exploration mission, the Tianwen-1 probe ignited eight 25N engines at the same time, successfully completed the third midway correction of the orbit, and calibrated the actual performance of the 25N engines on orbit.

The third midway correction of the orbit is implemented to make minor adjustments to the transfer orbit after the deep space maneuver, so that the Mars rover will rendezvous with Mars at the scheduled time.

As of now, Tianwen-1 has been in orbit for 97 days, about 44 million kilometers away from the earth, and a flight distance of about 256 million kilometers. The detector systems are in good condition, and the ground measurement and control communication centers and stations Station tracking is normal. (Source:Science and Technology Daily, Yang Lu, reporter Fu Yifei)