Tianwen 1 landing on Mars requires at least three more levels

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China News Agency, Beijing, October 29 (Guo Chaokai, Li Jingze) At 22:00, October 28, Beijing time, 8 sets of 25N engines for the Tianwen 1 detector were ignited at the same time, successfully completing the third time Correction midway through the track. Liu Tongjie, deputy director of the China National Space Administration’s Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center and spokesperson for China’s first Mars exploration mission, recently said in an exclusive interview with China News Agency that after completing the third midway correction of the orbit, Tian Wenyi The spacecraft will rendezvous with Mars in its current orbit about 4 months later. To successfully land on Mars, Tianwen-1 will have to go through at least three difficulties.

Liu Tongjie said that the first difficulty is to capture near fire within the gravitational range of Mars. It is necessary to make Mars capture very accurate and allow the probe to brake within the gravitational range of Mars; it can also circle around to prevent the probe from flying out or hitting Mars.

The second difficulty is to find a good window after orbiting Mars for 2-3 months to allow it to enter the Martian atmosphere. The process of entry/deceleration/soft landing relies on Tianwen-1 to complete a series of actions autonomously, not by ground control.

The third difficulty is to release the Mars Rover on the surface of Mars after the soft landing and let it go Get up and explore. It is also very difficult for the six scientific instruments on the Mars rover to function, because China still has very little knowledge of the environment on the surface of Mars.

When talking about the reason why the first station of China’s planetary exploration was designated as Mars, Liu Tongjie said that Mars is a terrestrial planet with an atmosphere and a surface. Scientists hope to explore whether the evolution of Mars is the Earth The future of evolution. He pointed out that life on Mars may have existed before, but now the atmosphere is thinner and life no longer exists. If human beings develop and destroy the earth indefinitely, will the earth develop into Mars one day? Scientists have great curiosity about Mars and have great hopes for detecting Mars. This is the main reason for detecting Mars. (Guo Chaokai, Li Jingze)

Source:China News Net