Times report drama”Together” starts broadcasting and attracts attention. Ten stories, one mission

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Stills of”The Turning Point of Life”

“You go up first, I’ll make a call.” In front of the stairs in the hospital, The old dean paused for a moment and took out his cell phone and pretended to leave. After watching the head nurse walking upstairs, he tried his best to lift his inflexible right foot and hobbled up a step. Another nurse who witnessed all this was watching his resolute back with tears in her eyes…

This moving scene that attracted thousands of netizens’”momentary tears” came from the era that premiered on September 29 The first unit in the report drama”Together”-“The Turning Point of Life”.

“Together” takes the form of a unit drama. Each unit consists of two episodes of stories. The ten unit dramas tell ten moving stories of real characters and events during the anti-epidemic period. From September 29, the show will be broadcast on Dragon TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, and Guangdong Satellite TV. Two episodes a day will be broadcast simultaneously on Tencent Video, iQiyi, and Youku.

His footsteps are uneven, but he is the most determined in the world

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Stills of”The Turning Point of Life”

” The background of”The Turning Point of Life” is the”storm center” at the beginning of the epidemic-Wuhan Jianghan Hospital. Zhang Hanqing is the old dean of Jianghan Hospital who is about to retire. He is still at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic because of frostbite. This makes people think of the prototype of the story-Zhang Dingyu, president of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital.

“At the beginning of the epidemic, no one knew what kind of virus it was and how to treat it. However, Dean Zhang Dingyu resolutely transformed all the wards into isolation wards step by step, showing his excellent professionalism and conservation. Responsible and firm belief.” Liang Zhenhua, screenwriter of”The Turning Point of Life” told reporters.

There are many moving scenes in”The Turning Point of Life”. Dean Zhang Hanqing said to my apprentice Tan Songlin:”When I slowly lose consciousness and shrink into a small ball, you should always push me out to eat a bowl of hot dried noodles.” In fact, this sentence in the play The line is exactly what Dean Zhang Dingyu actually said. Behind the calm words is the hero’s courage and dedication to his death.

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Stills of”The Turning Point of Life”

Zhang Jiayi, who plays Dean Zhang Hanqing, said that he has never been so nervous,”I am afraid that the trick will be broken.” Like, but the most difficult to act well, is the footsteps. His footsteps are uneven, but they are the firmest and most solid in the world.”

We are in the same boat through storm, and will be the deepest in 2020. The collective memory of

As soon as”Together” was broadcast, it triggered the audience’s deep memory of the years of the war:”It seems to be back a few months ago, because it is true, so moved” The details in the play are too in place, this is the deepest collective memory of 2020″”Don’t forget how we put on the masks and how we took off the masks”…

“Together” is in the structure Some film-like techniques have been tried in terms of rhythm, rhythm and narrative voice, and the overall story density has increased compared with the past.”It’s like going to an appointment with an old friend,” says screenwriter Liang Zhenhua when it comes to script creation. Liang Zhenhua was born in a family of doctors. He watched his father rush out after being awakened in the middle of the night, and watched his mother as the head nurse calmly and seriously directing the work in the ward. His childhood experience told him, “Medical workers and patients are an inseparable community of destiny in the face of the epidemic. Only through storms and hardships and united efforts are the noblest and most sensible choices.” To show the true state of the Chinese under the epidemic, it is for him. It is both a tribute and a responsibility.

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Stills of”The Turning Point of Life”

Different from previous TV series,”Together” is a”reported drama of the times”. This is a new concept, which refers to TV drama works that are created at a faster speed, based on real stories, and feature documentary styles.

Humans cannot pause time, but they can create turning points

“Humans cannot pause time, but humans can create turning points”, Zhang Hanqing once encouraged his side Comrades in arms.”Looking back at the increasing number of cases at the beginning of the epidemic, everyone is praying for the early arrival of the anti-epidemic ‘turning point’. This is the wish of all Chinese people.” Liang Zhenhua said in an interview.

In the most difficult moment, what is the force that supports us to survive the cold winter and meet the turning point?

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Stills of”The Turning Point of Life”

To prevent infection of children, they chose to”take the car as their home” for the doctors and couples; to wait for the 60-year-old son to recover. The 83-year-old grandmother who lived in the hospital corridor for 28 days; was a female college student who, after being diagnosed, went from being unable to accept reality to using a paintbrush to record life in the ward… These characters in the play with real prototypes are every ordinary person in life. we”.

“Together”, through artistic processing, has created a group of evocative portraits of civilian heroes, showing the great anti-epidemic spirit of life first, nationwide unity, sacrifice of life, respect for science, and shared destiny.”The Turning Point of Life” shows that Dean Zhang Hanqing took the first shot in the prevention and control of Wuhan’s new crown epidemic, regardless of his physical illness, being responsible and sticking to his responsibilities;”The Ferryman” tells the ordinary takeaway boy to solve the life problems for ordinary people; In”Walk”, he heard of difficulties in his hometown, and like-minded people return to their hometowns for thousands of miles to support the frontline;”Rescue” focuses on the intensive care unit;”Search:24 Hours” tells the flow of personnel to search for the source of infection and cut off the chain of infection;”Vulcan Mountain” shows the imperative and spiritual inheritance of Chinese military doctors;”Wuhan People” tells about the early days of Wuhan’s closure, community workers overcoming difficulties and ensuring community life;”Square cabin” presents the medical staff and patients in the shelter hospital Optimistic about the course of fighting the epidemic;”My name is Dalian” shows the volunteer work done by young people from Dalian who have stayed in Han; the boss of the clothing factory in”Mask” is stubborn and tough, producing masks to solve the urgent need for fighting the epidemic… these ten short stories The power that moved China.

In the darkest hour, we are together. In the splendid years, we are still together.