Trump approves California into a state of major disaster due to wildfires

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The President of the United States Trump approved California’s application for a”Major Disaster State Statement” on the 16th local time to help the state Fight record fires.

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Local time, September 30, 2020, California Napa Valley, the fastest spreading” The”Glass Fire” ravaged the famous wine-producing area of ​​Napa, killing 3 people and ruins all over the vineyard area.

CNN reported that the Governor of California Gavin Newsom announced this news. Newsom said in a statement:”Just over the phone with President Trump, he has approved our major disaster statement, thank him for his prompt response.”

And just a day ago However, the Trump administration rejected this request. On September 28, Newsom sent a letter to Trump asking him to declare the record fire in California as a major disaster. In the event of a major disaster, California can receive federal assistance. The White House stated on October 15 that California’s request for the president to issue a major disaster statement was rejected because”it has no relevant data to support it.”

Fox News reported that the Director of the US Federal Emergency A letter from Thurm said:“The damage caused by this incident did not exceed the capacity of California, the affected local governments and voluntary agencies.” Newsom’s Emergency Services Office has since stated that California will appeal this. .

The California Fire Department said in a press release on the 15th that since the start of this fire season, more than 8,500 wildfires across California have destroyed more than 4.1 million acres of land. The wildfire killed 31 people and destroyed more than 9,200 buildings. Newsom pointed out that the new crown epidemic, severe wildfires and poor air quality have”seriously damaged” California’s economy, and the loss of California’s infrastructure is estimated to exceed $229 million.”Federal assistance is essential to support the recovery of California and its communities.” He said:”The time it takes for California and its communities to recover The longer it is, the more severe and irreversible the impact on its economy will be.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that California’s wildfires are caused by many factors including climate change. Trump has repeatedly criticized California’s fire protection policy and refused to acknowledge the impact of climate change on wildfires.