Trump will also bring her in hospital, this woman carrying a black handbag is too mysterious…

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The”bag carrier” of the President of the United States is responsible for guarding the heavy weapon known as the”tool of the end”-the”nuclear hand bag”. It only takes 5 minutes from opening this package to launching the nuclear bomb.

A mysterious handbag, from opening to launching a nuclear bomb in only 5 minutes, is enough to destroy more than a billion lives.

This bag, which looks plain, but is actually related to the safety of the earth, is always carried by some alert and agile soldiers. They wore uniforms, put the chain of the bag on their wrists, and used the”premature power” to protect the bag, following the President of the United States like a shadow.

It’s just that, no matter how”bull” is carrying a bag, there are also flesh and blood.

Recently, I have been closely following Trump’s”carrying man”-a member of the White House Military Office, the United StatesCoast Guard Major McCarron was diagnosed with COVID-19. She had to take off her uniform, put down her bag, and entered the hospital for treatment.

The diagnosis of McCarron turned the public’s attention to the special occupation of the president’s”bag-handling”. What is the existence of those silent people who always stand behind the president and stay at every step? What is the story between them and the black package in their hands?

Who is a”bag man”?

As the president’s personal entourage, the 35-year-old McCarron’s most important task is to hold the president’s emergency handbag, commonly known as”nuclear football.”

Generally speaking, the security team of”nuclear football” consists of five people, each from the five branches of the U.S. Army:the Army, the Coast Guard and the Marine Corps.

These carefully selected candidates from the U.S. Armed Forces are subject to the most stringent background checks in the United States, and psychological tests are conducted every week after taking office to ensure that there is no possibility of mental disorders. In addition, they have all undergone rigorous training and are capable of assisting the president in launching a nuclear strike within a few minutes.

Regardless of eating or sleeping, the”bag man” must guard the”nuclear football” 24 hours a day, and is inseparable from it. Even if the president is running in the White House, they have to carry a”bag” and run after him. The shift time between the five”bag-carryers” is the highest military secret of the US Department of Defense.

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Macallon, who is a”bag carrier” with 4 other active military personnel, is physically fit, has plump cheeks, and always combs his hair behind his ears. He looks stocky and capable. She is a native of Massachusetts and graduated from Coast Guard Academy in 2007.

According to the profile on the official website of his alma mater, McCarron served as an executive officer on the Coast Guard patrol boats in Mississippi and California, and performed”special missions” for two years. After that, she spent two years in graduate school before returning to the Coast Guard Academy as an officer.

McCarron was a member of the track team when he was studying at the academy. She wrote in her resume:”Love running, and hope to be a lifelong athlete.”

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·The Coast Guard Major McCarron of the”Bag Man”

However This female officer with the”athlete dream” eventually became the president’s military assistant, responsible for guarding the heavy weapon known as the”tool of the end”-the”nuclear hand bag”. It only takes 5 minutes from opening this package to launching the nuclear bomb.

In addition, the”bag man” has to perform a number of outreach tasks for Trump. According to Bloomberg News White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs on Twitter:”In addition to carrying’nuclear football’, military assistants also handle the president’s phone calls and business trips. They form the link between the president and the White House military office.”

This shows the importance of Trump’s responsibilities as a”carrying man”. However, the rank of this post is not high, just a major officer. But it is undeniable that this profession is still very promising, and there have been”bag-handlers” who have been promoted to the US Senate.

What exactly is”nuclear football”?

The job of a”carrying person” is actually an individual effort.

On the surface, the”nuclear football” is just an ordinary black handbag, but the outside is made of bulletproof metal material and weighs up to 20 kg. According to the Associated Press, the reason why it is called”nuclear football” is because this black suitcase is enough to hold a football.

In 1965, the National Security Archives of George Washington University obtained a top-secret memo on early”nuclear football”. It shows that the president and military aides have repeatedly complained that the 20 kg”nuclear football” contains too many documents. A senior defense official believes that it is necessary to reduce the weight of the”nuclear football”, but he changed his mind:”However, I also believe that our’courier’ is strong enough to carry an extra pound or two of paper.”

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·”Nuclear Football”, the full name of the President’s Emergency Handbag

As a device that allows the President of the United States to authorize the launch of nuclear weapons at any time and anywhere, this”the most dangerous in the world”The handbag” was born during the presidency of Kennedy.

At that time, when the Cuban missile crisis broke out, Kennedy worried that a nuclear war might be staged at any time. In order to prevent the U.S. military from launching a nuclear weapon attack without authorization, or when the President decides to launch a nuclear attack, but unable to contact the military immediately, the U.S. military has redesigned a complete set of nuclear warfare command and communication systems that are different from those in the past, including”Nuclear Football”.

So, what is in this handbag with”great power”?

The former US Military Office Director Bill Gerry mentioned in his book that there are four items in the”nuclear football”:

A black book-a list In order to protect the personal safety of the president in an emergency, the United States can take retaliatory nuclear strike measures when it encounters a nuclear attack;

A notepad-records the location of a secret bunker to protect the president’s personal safety in an emergency;


A folder-instructions for the emergency broadcast system;

A small card-used to verify that it is not someone else who activated the nuclear weapons, but the president himself.

In simple terms, the essence of”nuclear football” is a set of portable satellite communication devices used to issue nuclear war orders. It is these simple devices such as paper and cards that form what the United States calls the”doomsday”. tool”.

According to the usual practice, the successive US presidents will”carry” this handbag as long as they leave the White House. Once the President says to the military,”Go ahead, this is my verification code,” and the entire nuclear weapon launch process begins. Once the missile is launched, it cannot be withdrawn.

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·The”Bag Man” and”Nuclear Football” in the Kennedy Period

In addition, the British”Sun” once disclosed that together with”Nuclear Football” constitute the US military nuclear command and communication system There are also”biscuits”-a plastic piece the size of a credit card with a password that is changed daily, that is, the password used by the US President to authorize the US military to launch a nuclear weapon attack, commonly known as the”golden password.”

The”biscuits” and”nuclear football” together form the US military’s nuclear command and communication system. Only after the president of the United States confirms the identity of the commander-in-chief of the army with the”golden code” on the”biscuits” can he start the”nuclear football” and trigger a nuclear war.

In the autobiography of Hugh Shelton, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, there is an interesting fact about”biscuits”:

Former US President Clinton was accidentally lost in 2000 The”biscuits” lasted for several months, but the president himself seemed unaware. The”bag carriers” did not realize that the”nuclear football” they carried during this period was actually just a”heavy decoration”. After all, without the president’s password, the”nuclear football” could not be activated at all, so there was no way to play it. The powerful power.

Fortunately, the”golden password” is changed daily, so even if the lost”biscuits” are found, the password and password on it has already expired.

The”bag man” outside the ward

Although”nuclear football” has never been really detonated since 1962, a fact that cannot be ignored is that the current global strategic security The biggest threat to stability still comes from the US’s huge nuclear arsenal.

A few days ago, Ambassador Geng Shuang, China’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, pointed out at the 75th UN General Assembly’s Disarmament and International Security Committee:“The U.S. military expenditure ranks first in the world throughout the year. In 2019, it reached more than 700 billion yuan. The world’s total military expenditure is nearly 40%, which exceeds the sum of the military expenditures of the 10 countries after the United States.”

It is obvious that a lot of military expenditure is used to build, expand, and strengthen a huge nuclear arsenal to maintain the United States. Strategic deterrence. Nearly 60 years have passed, and this”nuclear football” that can determine the fate of the world has long become one of the representatives of the US military.

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In fact, among the entourage of Russian President Vladimir Putin, you can also find a role similar to that of the US President’s”carrying bag.” Russia’s “Doomsday Tool” contact terminal is code-named “Cheget”, and its working principle is similar to that of “nuclear football”. Like the United States, the Russian president’s”carrying man” is also served by a strictly selected military.

When Yeltsin was in power in Russia,”Cheget” became a symbol of power. Even during the heart surgery, Yeltsin ordered the”bag man” to stand by at the door of the operating room. Yeltsin, who had just regained consciousness after the operation, asked the”bag man” to bring”Cheget” to his side.

Similarly, US media claimed that Trump still carried a”nuclear football” with him when he was treated for COVID-19 at Walter Reid Medical Center. This time triggered another disturbance in American politics.

According to the”25th Amendment”, the President of the United States should transfer power to the Vice President when taking drugs that can cause mood swings or mental illness. Therefore, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States Nancy Pelosi spoke directly at the Capitol, saying that he planned to build presidential capabilities based on the amendment Committee to review the president’s qualifications.

Perhaps the Americans themselves are also afraid that if”nuclear football” is rashly started, the consequences will be disastrous.

Now Trump has been discharged from the hospital hurriedly, but he did not expect that the”bag man” was recruited. There are only four”guardians” left. I wonder whether these close contacts with the new crown pneumonia patients who are still behind the president will feel a little panic when they are on duty day and night.

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